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Monday Confessional


How was your Monday morning today?

Mine? Not so swell. 

It started off with waking up to a tight throat, stuffy nose, and a cough. Just like the cold I only recovered from two weeks ago. What. The. Heck. And on top of that, the weather that had been nice and sunny over the weekend was now a steady driving rain. Boo.

Then my 4-year-old (who went to bed at 8 pm last night and got almost 11 hours of sleep) managed to still wake up on the wrong side of bed and was a grumpy and whiny mess before breakfast had even started. And due to how I was feeling I can tell you I was in no mood to handle it nicely.

Next, I took my older two to school, and discovered upon drop off that my 9-year-old had forgotten his backpack (with his lunch and necessary change of clothes for after P.E.) for the THIRD TIME in two weeks.

Enter ugly-mood mother.
So off I zoomed back home with 9-year-old in tow to retrieve the backpack as quickly as possible, with dire threats of consequences for wasting Mommy's time and gas when he got back home from school that afternoon. (Ugly-mood mother is super understanding and kind on gloomy Monday mornings.) 9-year-old knew this was serious business and jumped out of the car and grabbed his backpack in record time, and then practically dove back in as I started to move again before he was even all the way in the car.

Which is how....


how it came about that I...



(Side note: Want to know how to get out of a bad mood? Try accidentally running over a blood-relative's foot. Because just like that, ugly-mood mother was instantly replaced with horribly-contrite-and-ashamed mother.)

Thankfully nothing was broken or sprained... but much crying ensued. MUCH crying. Enough to make me decide to keep my 9-year-old home even after I was sure he was going to be okay, for no other reason than the fear of the story he'd have to tell when he went hobbling into his classroom.

Yep, I'm a total wimp. (But a very contrite one!) 

So here's what we're up to right now...
 Ice-pack and Spongebob on Mommy's bed.

It's the least a guilty mother could do. 


  1. Is it wrong I lol! ? We have all had those days...and a Monday to boot?

  2. I don't know whether to "Awwww Jodi" or "Awwwww Cooper." I feel so much better about myself as a mother now... haha... KIDDING!!! Can't wait to hear Cooper's version of the tale.

  3. Wow! That about sums it up for me. When Derek saw this pic of Cooper he asked what happened to him and I told him you ran over his foot, he was speechless. Yes, my Derek, speechless!

  4. I had to laugh out loud too ..though I am glad Coop is ok.. darn it if that ugly mood thing doesn't creep out now and then !! (Hope you're not to scarred from your own youth )

  5. Oh dear! I'm glad he's all right, and at least you'll have a good story to tell on his 21st birthday! :P

  6. Oh, major cringe!!! :( Hope you are all doing better now.