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More Instagram pics from my cell phone this past week... have a great weekend everyone! 

Lunch out at Thai Dish with Jana before seeing The Lucky One. 
We also hit up Yogurt Shack, a garage sale, and a women's consignment store. 
Could a girls day out get any better?

Over at our friends' for dinner last Friday night, my kids and Coop's buddy Judah found the Halloween dress-ups in storage upstairs and entertained themselves for hours.

 Where there is a large pile of dirt, boys MUST dig. - Confucius 
(or it could have been me)

 We were visiting a friend who is building a home in the country and the kids found a rubber boa snake. 

Which is actually a real snake common to the Pacific Northwest.
They are very docile and never bite, but will wrap around your arm and slowly squeeze...

Did you just shudder too? 

 During our beautiful summer-like weekend last week Russ built a fire pit out back and we tested it out roasting marshmallows after dark. This will get MUCH USE this summer!

 My big dinner hit of the week: a chicken and broccoli braid of Pampered Chef fame. 
Yeah, it was awesomely yum. 

This may be my favorite pic of the week. During nursery duty at Church Wednesday night Russ got a little sucked into The Fox and the Hound. Notice all the children around? Yeah, they'd all left! Baahaa.

 Cooper came home from baseball practice with his new uniform on. Adorable! 
Russ managed to come home with a new baseball hat himself... not sure how he scored that but I'll be sure to steal it when I'm having a bad hair day ;)

Why my kids have an awesome dad, reason #65: He periodically writes them love notes and hides them in their backpacks to find at school. 
(While he didn't come up with this idea himself, it's part of the Father's Mandate from Growing Kids, he has faithfully continued to do it for years).
My kids LOVE it.

(Also, I feel the need to note that "Bolindal" is not a weird middle name but a rhyming nickname Russ calls our daughter, and if you will all please agree with me, should obviously be written "Ba-lendall". Thank you.)

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  1. Okay, so first: I just saw The Lucky One with my girlfriends last night and it was soooo good. Like the cheesy, emotional, total chick flick kind of good!

    Also, HILARIOUS that your husband was watching The Fox and the Hound all by himself! Maybe you can get hime a copy of it for Father's Day :)

  2. I love dress up and boys digging! I'm going to pretend I didn't see the snake. And the kid notes...ahhhh!! Such a special thing to do. :)

  3. Love the dressups and your husband watching the movie on his own, but I do NOT love the snake. At all. ARGH! There is no way in the whole world I would let it wrap itself around my wrist, or that I would even touch it! :O

  4. Each pic was fun..smorgasbord of it

  5. I'm with Teri. Each pic was fun, love that Blake being the smallest had the biggest shovel and especially funny Russ in Nursery. Now the snake I haven't heard of. Seriously,a rubber boa that is not actually rubber but a real tiny snake?. Well I never!!.