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"I" statements


(Today I'm taking the "I" statements challenge from Becky Higgins blog... recording a little bit about myself, right now.)

I was... woken up at least 4 times during the night last night by sounds, Blake, my husband, etc. but still woke up this morning feeling like I slept like a baby. Yay!

I am... laid back and easy going and I laugh easily. I keep up on laundry and dishes and making my bed daily and sweeping, but I am not well-organized or on time or disciplined enough to clean my windows and mop my floors more than the bare minimum. I'm also pretty sure my bare minimum is a lot less than your bare minimum.

I think... it's a good thing I've never owned a credit card in my life. Spontaneous shopper + line of credit? Disaster waiting to happen, people.

I wonder... how long it will take my kids to notice the fact that I'm pilfering their Easter candy stash at an alarming rate.

I wish... Oregon was sunny all the time. Or even 70% of the time. Heck, right now I'd take 50% of the time! Come on, sun!!

I save... poorly. Not my strongest suit. Thankfully I have a husband who's pretty darn good at it, otherwise nothing big would ever get purchased around here. (I'd have a lot of cute clothes though...)

I always... say yes to dessert. ALWAAAAYS.

I can't... imagine not having Jesus in my heart. Not having my children. Life without my husband. A 100% sunny Oregon (darn it).

I believe... that mosquitoes have no useful purpose on earth and should all be exterminated. That could be done, right? Who's with me!!

I promise... to always try to show love to my husband with his love languages (physical touch and words) even though they are the complete opposite of mine (acts of service and gifts). Not as easy as you might think!

I love... sunshine. Pretty gardens. Camping and vacations. Summer break's easy schedule. Walks to the river. Fresh zucchini and tomatoes straight from the garden, the 4th of July. Cute sandals. Maxi dresses. I love SUMMER!

A warm night at the County Fair last summer.


  1. It's fun to read these little tidbits about you! Mosquitoes don't like me, isn't that strange? They love to feast on my husband though, so I'm sure he'd be with you on extermination efforts! :)

    Isn't it good that God pairs us up well financially. I'm the saver and my husband is the spender... but over the 22 years we've been together it's all kind of evened out and we are pretty much one about finances. Lots of good yielding to God and one another! :)

  2. I'm pretty sure we'd be best friends if we knew eachother! Same love language, husbands are the same too! I live in Western Washington, so I totally hear you on the sun! Our love of cloths (can you say Target?!) And, I also, can't imagine having Jesus in my heart! Love your blog!

  3. Amanda, we were meant to be friends, I'm sure of it ;)Thank you for your sweet comment!

  4. I'm not awesome at saving either, although this year I have gotten a bit better, fortunately. :)