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I had fun but now I'm tired


Our 17th Scrap Around the Clock (twice a year for over 8 years now!) was another HUGE success.

When we first started it up 8 years ago though I was only 24 years old, and able to recover from the sleep deprivation of a 24 hour scrapbooking event a lot quicker than I seem to be able to now.

Back then I'd come home at 7 pm Saturday night, kiss my husband and two babies that I hadn't seen since Friday morning, and then go out with them to a friend's for a game night or something else fun for the evening. The next morning I'd be sitting in church with my family by my normal time of only 10 minutes late, and would feel just fine.

This year I came home at 7 pm Saturday night, kissed my husband and three children that I hadn't seen since Friday morning, and then collapsed on the couch and was out cold with my mouth hanging open within 15 minutes. I have no idea what my family did to entertain themselves for the rest of the evening but I know I wasn't a part of it.

And then Sunday morning I woke up bleary eyed and puffy faced, discovered the wiring to our water well pump had shorted out and we had no water, and climbed straight back into bed, knowing nothing short of a miracle would make me presentable enough for church without a shower.

After my sweet husband brought me a mocha in bed, I roused myself enough to get up and do some laundry and house tidying and hang out with the family.

And then I took an afternoon nap.

And I think I'm going to need one today too.

I hate to think what the recovery time will look like in another 8 years. I may need to actually sleep more than 4 hours during the night on Friday for once! But Oh yes, I'll still be going, because Scrap Around the Clock is AWESOME! :)

And this is not really related at all, but while I slept Russ mowed the lawn because it finally stopped raining for more than an hour long period... yay!

And then the deer had to come investigate. This girl's one of 5 who visit every day. Ah, country living. 


  1. Getting old is hard huh?! Even just in our 30's. Eek!

  2. I know, it's almost embarrassing! ;)

  3. Nice snapping Jod, Spring is toying with us. ( I'm ready to skip straight to Summer!)

  4. What a fun event. Yes, unfortunately the recovery time is harder with age! Glad you still going and having lots of fun though.