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Awkward and Awesome


- The on-the-spot tour of our new bedroom I had to give the County appraiser who showed up at the door unannounced last week. (Read: my room was not ready for guests.) Oh, and this is my clean underwear pile you see folded on the bed...
- The look on the poor appraiser's face when he came back to the front door after leaving to sheepishly explain that he'd locked his keys in his truck and could my 10-year-old daughter please shimmy in his back window to unlock it for him? 

- The moment Russ arrived home just in time to see his daughter climbing out of an unknown truck with an unknown man standing next to it... I've never seen him speed down the driveway so quickly and jump out of the car looking like he was ready to accost a perfect stranger!

- Telling people you accidentally ran over your son's foot. Telling the internet you accidentally ran over your son's foot.

- My addiction to Draw Something on my cell phone. I have 18 current games going, and I can't be sure, but that seems like a lot to me. It is kinda sorta a teeny tiny bit ALL CONSUMING.

- The imagination of a 4-year-old. Today Robin Hood was in our apple tree - the REAL Robin Hood, you know, from the animated Disney movie. According to Blake he had his hat and clothes on and his bow and arrows and he was going to stay the night up there. We had to wave several times, but when I started talking to him through the glass I was corrected... "he can't hear us, Mom." Oh, excuse me

-  Couches turned into pirate ships.

- This guy at the dentist. Xrays? No problem, as still as a mouse. Opens and closes and swishes on queue. And thanks the Doctor on the way out the door. Stud. 
- Friends having babies and friends getting the news that they're getting a baby (via adoption) on the same day! Yay for new babies!

- A date with a girlfriend tomorrow to see The Lucky One... with lunch at Thai Dish first. Yes!! And then dinner after with great friends. It's going to be a splendid Friday! 

- A weekend forecast of finally hitting the 70's! I see gardening in my future. (That's right, I only garden in good weather... leading to the dismal case of my flower beds at this moment.)


  1. I love your Awkward and Awesome posts! They always crack me up. (I'm not laughing at you, but with you, of course. :)

    On your WIWW I have the same sweater as your Friday day, except in black.

    Have fun on Friday!

  2. So who's getting a baby via adoption that i haven't heard about yet?! Do tell!

  3. I love the couch pirates! That photo is awesome! :)

  4. I think I've got at least a dozen Draw Something games going... and it's all your fault for introducing me to it! :) If you want to add a 19th game, my username is mrsz500. :)