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What I Wore - in Baker


Happy What I Wore Wednesday!

This week I'm showing you what I wore in Baker City, OR during our little basketball vacation last week. We travelled to Eastern Oregon, attended State championship basketball playoff games everyday, did a little shopping and eating out, and basically had no reason to dress in anything other than pretty casual clothing. 

My kind of trip!

Day 1
 (travel day)
Target tee & jeans (both bought new with tags from the Goodwill), Uggs, gifted bracelet.

Obviously I had to get a little creative with the picture taking :)

Day 2 
 same jeans & boots & bracelet as day 1, Shade 3/4 sleeve tee, fan tee bought from school, Old Navy earrings.

Day 3
rummage sale turtleneck, Target sweater, jeans, and booties.

Day 4
thrifted Nordstrom sweater, same jeans and shoes as day 3, Claire's necklace, Premier Designs bracelet. 

Snapped my outfit pic in the fitting room while shopping at Maurice's! (The only clothing store in Baker City.) I bought this and this.

Day 5 (travel day)
 Shade tee, H&M scarf, same jeans and boots as day 1 & 2.

And that's how I traveled for 5 days with two pairs of jeans, two pairs of shoes, and a handful of tops and accessories! If nothing else it made getting dressed pretty simple :)

I'm linking up to Lindsey, check out other WIWW posts here!
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  1. wow! that's awesome, you totally made it work! even though your outfits are really casual you manage to make them look really good and put together. you've inspired me with your day 3 outfit.. i think i have something similar i could try! :)

  2. Love the scarf in the last photo, and the fact you're standing on the end of a bathtub to take the pictures! :)

  3. awesome casual looks! Especially love the green tee and white necklace.

  4. LOVE the bathroom pics :) You are too cute!

  5. Love the outfits and you standing ON the tub! :) PS maurices is my FAV store!

  6. You look so cute in all your casual clothes! I'm glad to see you survived the bathtub pictures too!

  7. Hi! I just found your blog via The Pleated Poppy and i love it! You're adorable! And if for nothing else...I followed you because of your amazing balancing skills on a bathtub. Really...that right there is TALENT! I love your scarf on the last travel day...super cute!

  8. Love the sweater & striped turtle neck you wore on Day 3! So cute together!!! That scarf on the last day is too cute!!!

  9. Love the scarf from H&M! I wish we had one in Houston!

  10. I really like the stripes under the sweater. :) And your Claire's necklace is so pretty. :)

  11. Cute as always, love the H&M scarf!

  12. Love your creative picture taking background - awesome! :) Day 3 is so cute and I really love your plaid scarf with the striped tee on day 5. Perfect traveling outfit!

  13. Love the thrifted outfits. Great week of mixing while on a trip. I bow to your bathroom pics (much better than mine and showing off your skillz). Love that green thrifted sweater!

  14. Way to thrift an amazing vacation wardrobe! You look really cute!

  15. Way to look classy even on a casual vacation. I love that your outfits always look great and didn't break the bank.

  16. Thanks so much, everyone! And high five to all my fellow thrift lovers out there ;)

  17. Too cute! I really like you in the green top, great color!


  18. cute! and the photos where you're standing on the bathtub make me smile:)

    come check me out

  19. Jod, you're looking awesome!