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Oh look, more vacation pictures!


We're home from our vacation and the back-to-real-life-blues have fully set in. So instead of working on laundry from the trip, I'm reliving the beauty and fun moments we had in Eastern Oregon by looking at my pictures. (Between my phone and regular camera I took waaay too many.) Here are a handful. 

Okay maybe a few more than a handful...

 Cute road travelers. They were 5+ hour-long-drive superstars! (Blake stayed home with his Grandma and Grandpa and lived it up like a KING. Grandma and Grandpa know what they're doing!)

The view from our hotel room. Gorgeous mountains surround Baker City.  

Historic Downtown Baker City. Some pretty fun shopping and window browsing went on here. 

Hanging out watching a Walker, Texas Ranger marathon. I was hiding out around the corner reading my kindle, like any sane person would do. 

And this would be the hands-down favorite part of the whole trip for the kids!

 We are True Blue Believers!

Hangin' with my sister who also made the trip over with her husband. Yay, sister time!

Our boys ready for their final game of the year. It was crazy intense, going into overtime, and while we didn't pull out the win to take 3rd place, we finished in 5th place instead, which out of 72 1A teams in the State of Oregon is something to be mighty proud of!!!

A cool game shot from one of their earlier games during the tournament.

 One of everybody's favorite moments of the State championship game: the awesome half-time show! Okay, it might not look all that impressive, but trust me when I say that it sounds amazing... and the guy in the middle is doing an awesome solo drum routine that has the crowd cheering through the roof!

Another beautiful mountain shot, taken from the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, where a bunch of us parents with younger kids on the trip all visited one morning.

 Which is where this picture happened, because what's a visit to an Oregon Trail museum without dressing up for an old-time shot? (Where you mustn't smile of course.)

 And because a trip recap wouldn't be complete without at least one shot of some of the yummy food I ate while on vacation, I give you... this delicious oriental pork dish that I can't quite remember the name of, from The Sunridge Inn Restaurant. All you need to know is that it was good. Very good.

And finally... on the road and headed home again. It was blue skies the whole way... a perfect last day for our trip. 

So that's it. Back to the real world of laundry and having to actually cook meals again, darn it :)
Have a great Monday!

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  1. Looks like fun! I love the old time photo shoot! :)