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Monday Confessional


When we went to Baker City for the boys State Basketball Championships the week before last, it was a last-minute trip that threw off our regularly planned and scheduled routine. And as soon as we came back home we went straight into a couple of super packed and busy days in a row.

Which is how it came about that I COMPLETELY FORGOT about my own child's birthday until 4 days beforehand. 

Ohhh, if you could have seen that moment of panic!

So this past weekend we had the world's quickest-thrown-together birthday party you could imagine, with nothing but a last-minute email invite to our family, and gosh darn if it didn't turn out pretty awesome! 

For a 4 year old at least.

First we took Blake to the movies to see The Lorax, and then came home for cake and ice cream. 

 I made a rocket ship cake the morning of the party.

And some cupcakes with little flags stuck in them. (Idea stolen from The Pleated Poppy)

Then I threw up the only decorations I had on hand... two balloons and a birthday banner. 

We are talking loooow-keeey here, people. 

 Blake LOVED it. 

And was sooo excited about his cake. 

Almost all the family were able to come, 29 people! (Including these crazy girls.)

And Russ saved the day by doing the birthday present shopping, bringing home Blake's first pair of Air Jordans, along with a little basketball and a breakaway hoop to go on the bedroom wall. 

Huge hit. 

Fun night. 

Thank goodness. 


  1. Well I think you did a pretty amazing job considering how little time you had! The cake is absolutely adorable!! And he definitely looks very happy. My boys will be 4 in two hard to believe!

  2. Good job putting it all together so quickly!! Darling cake! Happy B'day to your cutie. :)

  3. I love the cake! It looks great! :)

  4. Great pictures, and the cake DID turn out fantastic. Awesome job Jod.