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Late night InstaFriday


Well Friday is almost over but I decided to still join in and over at Jeannett's blog.
life rearranged
Catching up on my life through the cell phone camera lens.

I got a Cricut Create for Christmas but just pulled it out for the first time to work on my kids science fair projects. (aka: MY science fair projects ;)
Instant love! This baby is fun!

Last Saturday night we attended the annual benefit auction at the school my children attend. In the silent auction I bid on and won a small spa package that came with a haircut certificate and some pedicure goodies. This candle was in there too and I didn't pay much attention to it until I got home and noticed it's one of those crackling wood wick candles - fun! 
So I lit it up and enjoyed the ambient crackle... from TWO INCHES AWAY, since that's how close you need to be to actually hear the wick burn. Hmmm. 
It smells really good though!

Also purchased in the silent auction: these Vogue sunglasses that came with a matching case.
 I bought them without being able to see how they looked on me in a mirror so was relieved I liked them when I got home! $18.00 was just too good to pass up since they were new and valued at $50.00. Score! (I'm normally a $10 pair from Target kind of girl.)

Kendall made this glass plate with 3 other kids in her grade during art class and it was sold in the live auction. We tried to win it but lost out to another family, only to find it on our door step the next day when we got home from church! 
How awesome is that?!! Kendall was beyond ecstatic. God bless the family that did that for us!

Blake chillin' with his Leapster on the end of our bed.
Cute kid. 

Russell today on the couch. I laughed.  
 He's wrapped in Blake's blankies like a cocoon. In NCAA tournament heaven.

Kendall saw Avalon High on Netflix last week and deemed it the "BEST MOVIE EVER". Then she dressed herself and Blake up as characters from the movie (about a modern day reincarnated King Arthur and his court).

And THEN she decided she needed some armor and used her own money to order this off ebay. 
 It came today.
I think she's a little bit excited. 

And also ready for battle! 

Have a great weekend, everyone! 


  1. How awesome that you got the plate back! :)

  2. I have wanted to try out a Cricut for a while now all my friends have one. My little one is turning one in a few wks wanted to try out a few things. Looks like a funfilled wk!

  3. Awesome Jodi..all the pics and comments ..gotta love Kendall's imagination and "everything is possible" outlook.."way to go Kendall'll go far honey ! "

  4. I love that she ordered that sword set... so cute! Those glasses are fabulous too!

  5. Nice shades! So sweet that you got the plate! :) My kids would love playing make believe with yours!!! They are so like that. :)