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InstaFriday from Scrap Around the Clock!


Thanks to my handy dandy laptop that continues to prove itself the best Christmas present ever, I am blogging live from the Spring Scrap Around the Clock - a two day super-awesome local scrapbooking event that I help run twice a year.

I'm too busy having fun to spend much time gabbing about it right now, but I ran around snapping a bunch of pics with my cell phone and am linking up with Jeannett's blog for InstaFriday.

life rearranged

Welcome to our awesome gymnasium turned scrap retreat!

 Greeting guests with Annie
hanging with my sister. 

 Adorable caterers Angey and Amy.


 My necessities for the weekend: coffee and cold medicine (dang persistent cough!)
One of the best inventions in scrapbooking: The CropInStyle P3 tote. It expands vertically and locks in place - love it!

SarieJune is here!!! 

And so is Paparazzi Accessories. At $5.00 a set it is quite popular!

I love checking out people's cool stuff - it's like walking around a mini scrap convention.

And now I want this... the Making Memories Slice. 

My ribbon ring... another loved item. 

And this is not from Scrap Around the Clock, but it fell in my cart while shopping for Scrap Around the Clock, so I'm going to call it related. 
I know, I can not stay away from Target. 

Now back to scrapbooking! 
Have a great weekend, everyone :)


  1. Fun! I would love to go to something like this! I scrapbook too, but hardly every blog about it. Perhaps I should start. :)

  2. looks like a super fun weekend! and the skirt that fell in the cart...LOVE IT! It's funny how that happens, it happens to me at Target too; crazy! :)

  3. Good job Jodi, I loved the little tour Kelly gave me today :) You gals sure know how to have fun. You know how much your Nanna loves fun, so I'm looking forward to joining the Fall session. The crafts were beautiful and the food looked so yummy I want one of those cute little aprons the lovely gourmet cooks were wearing :)
    You gals did a great job, Love you, Nanna

  4. Oh that looks like SO much fun! I need a whole week to do nothing but scrapbooking. :) And I looove that skirt! So fun to see SarieJune her stuff!

  5. Looks like such a fun weekend! I tried that skirt on at Target, and really liked it, but was getting so many other things I put it back. I can't wait to see how you wear it - I just might have to get it next time I'm there. :) Happy Monday!