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The evil and ugly kings


Last week I videoed Kendall reciting the bible facts she'd memorized for a quiz at school the next day (she attends a private Christian school).

And I have just a few thoughts I'd like to share about it...

1. First of all, please ignore the dog's rear end. Miley likes to perch on top of the couch and supervise the birds in the front yard.

2. Kendall (aka Miss Theatric) asked me to say, "I don't believe you, prove it" when she told me she was done studying at the start of the clip. Just to be clear, I'm normally a much more supportive Mom than that ;)

3. While I love all the knowledge she is gaining from her bible class, I question her accuracy on the description of the kings as being both "evil and ugly". Although I'm sure some of them were.

4. So okay, it was Elijah who got depressed and wanted to die, not Elisha, but those names are so similar I say close enough, Kendall!

5. And I think she proves that the more times you recite those names in one sitting the harder it's going to be to pronounce either of them correctly by the end.

6. My daughter always gets my sarcasm. Except mostly not.

7. I agree with her though, I wish she would get 100% on her math tests too! (Unfortunately she inherited her mother's feelings towards math - which actually are evil and ugly.)

Happy Monday, my friends!


  1. your writing makes it all fun.
    j comes before sh
    eliJah, eliSHa...that's how I remember them- pass on my trick 2 Kendall if u think she will get it, love, Grama H

  2. Great tip, thanks Grama H :)

  3. I've always thought Maths were evil and ugly too.

  4. Oh, she did great! So articulate! #3 is funny. Maybe she means ugly inside. :)