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The Convalescent


Russell's surgery went very well on Tuesday.

Beforehand Russ wasn't as nervous about the procedure itself as he was about how he would act afterwards (the part I was looking forward to for entertainment purposes), and he was so worried about it that I think it had some kind of effect on him because darn it all if he wasn't completely normal waking up from the anesthesia!

It was very disappointing.

The only difference I could tell in his behavior was that he told me how much he loved me every two minutes or so for the first hour after he woke up, and was highly irrational when it came to acting like an actual recuperating patient after we left the hospital.

Example: We left the medical center and drove across the street to Quiznos so I could buy some soup to take home for later. I left Russ laid out in the backseat with ice packs on his knee while I ran inside, and wasn't gone for two minutes before he came hobbling in on his crutches, certain that he was "just fine to be up and about".

That coming from the guy that snored with his eyes open on the drive home.

Later that evening he was up again though and happy to get a visit from one of his best buddies.

And since then he's been a very good patient, is feeling pretty good (all things considering), and is still quite sentimental from the painkillers (which is very cute).

We've decided that this week is our "fake retirement" week, and if retirement means coffee together in bed in the mornings, hanging out and watching movies and shows on Netflix, and napping whenever we want, then we're pretty awesome at it.


  1. Glad everything went well, even if you didn't get to be entertained by him doing odd things. :P

  2. Ack... surgeries are not fun. Glad he is recuperating well!

  3. Happy fake retirement week ..maybe I should take notes ;D