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Boy turned...
With his very own, easiest cake decorating job Mommy's ever done, basketball cake.

Boy got Air Jordans.
And a new hat. 
(Mommy loves boy birthdays because Daddy does the birthday present shopping!)

Boy got to go here for the first time...

And play for HOURS with these guys.
And with Daddy, who swam too.

While Mommy lounged and read her kindle.

Like I said, Mommy LOVES boy birthdays ;)


  1. Happy 9th Birthday to your boy - he has such a great smile! Air Jordans...nice. My boys would be jealous. Sounds like a great day for the kids, and for you!

  2. Happy 9th birthday; he is so cute, I love the smile. :) The cake looks so cute; very clever!

    Sounds like he had a great 9th birthday!

    Your hunny must be getting along ok, that's great!

  3. So cute! What a fun aquatic center you all have! :) Happy b'day to your boy!

  4. I hope Cooper had a great birthday! :)