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Awkward but mostly Awesome


- Breaking the bad news to the lady you don't know in the grocery store that she has a two foot long piece of toilet paper sticking out of the back of her pants. Trying to assure her that nobody else probably noticed. Listening to her horror as says that's unlikely, since she's been walking around the store for 45 MINUTES. These moments are just as embarrassing for me as they are for the person I have to tell - trust me.

- Teaching a class at Wednesday night church while in the midst of some sort of cold bug that has made me start to lose my voice. "Ahem, hack hack, like I was saying before, cough, the principle here..." (voice breaks and more coughing ensues). To make matters worse, my husband then starts to heckle me from the peanut gallery and tells me it's "okay to go take my smoke break". Hardy har.

- Wanting a chocolate fix and realizing, wait a second, I have a box of Crunchie bars! That's right... they have not run out yet!

- The Hunger Games movie coming out this weekend... DATE NIGHT!

- The expandable shoe winning first place in the school invention convention! Kendall, Sarah and Hannah were giddy with joy, as they each won $40.00 in prize money, while us mothers who helped make their idea come to life (read: did all the hard parts) high-fived each other and tried to talk the girls into handing over some of the winnings as payment for all our labor ;)

- Cooper winning a first place ribbon for his science project, which was his ONE AND ONLY DREAM COME TRUE. This was such an awesome moment because almost half of the score comes from the oral presentation given in front of the classroom, and after Cooper burst into tears from nerves three times in a row just practicing his presentation to Russ and I, we were more than a little nervous about how it would go. He practiced and practiced and practiced though, and overcame his stage fright. PROUD PARENT ALERT!!

- Two snow days in a row right before Spring Break starts, making vacation a week and a half long instead of a week. Woohoo for sleeping in and no schedule!

Have an awesome Thursday, guys!


  1. So good to see the pictures and get the news, almost feels like I am there. Need to try that shoe!

  2. Kendall - you are awesome and I'm so excited that your brilliant idea won 1st place!

    Cooper Jay... your Auntie is SOOOOOO proud of you. Great job at overcoming your fear and knocking it out of the park.

    And Blakers.. your face in the snow picture...oh I just want to squeeze it and kiss it all over!!!

  3. LOL at the woman with the toilet paper! Oh dear. I live in fear of something like that happening to me!

  4. Wow, stellar job on the science projects! :)

    That poor lady with the TP!! :P

  5. this may sound awkward (lol) ... but I wanna know more about that expandable shoe!!!

  6. Haha, Sasha. Well I'm tell ya! the sole of the shoe comes up the back of the heel and has little elastic loops that go around the big buttons on the sides to hold it in place, so as your foot grows you can unloop the sides and slide your foot back. There's a bit more to it than that but that's the gist of it In a nutshell!