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What I Wore Wednesday


First of all, yesterday was an awesome Valentine's Day in our household.
Flowers, cards, shopping money, cupcakes, brownies, and chocolate were received by various members of the family quite happily.

As well as these awesome cake pops and cake balls from the loveliest friend.

Secondly, I actually have a full 7 days worth of outfits!
Granted, two of them were from the same day, but that's not a detail I'm going to worry about. 

 Last Wednesday
mid-week church service
Target dress, Old Navy cardy, Costco boots, thrifted belt, gifted handmade scarf
grocery shopping, Kendall's basketball game
Costco sweater, Shade tee, Target jeans and booties, Old Navy necklace
Penny's shirt, Target jeans, Walmart boots, gifted scarf, thrifted bracelet
Friday night
basketball game (don't remember why I changed?)
Loft sweater, Target top & jeans, Walmart boots, Sarie June scarf 
Valentine's Date!
Target sweater, jeans, and booties, Shade tee, Romy necklace, Premier Designs bracelet
Costco sweater, thrrifted skirt and belt, Walmart boots, Fred Meyer necklace, gifted bracelet
prayer group, shopping, meeting
Target head to toe except for the jewelry! (Van Heusen outlet necklace and Premier Designs bracelet)
Happy Wednesday!
As always, I'm linking up with Lindsey.
pleated poppy


  1. Love your shoes in the last photo! :)

  2. Awesome week, you rocked it. Love that beautiful necklace on date night. My fave of the week is Thursday, stripes and that pop of yellow.

  3. Umm can I borrow that gray striped cardigan? Love that! :) And your Sunday church outfit is that green sweater!

  4. Your last necklace is always perfect on you.

    Love how you are combining all your scarves with patterns and textures. Fab!

  5. 7 whole outfits?? Wow, I am impressed. :) Love all your scarves and I especially like the color combos of Wednesday and Friday. :)

  6. You ALWAYS do so well with your outfits and accessories! I am impressed with 7 full days of outfits!!! I never have seven days.

    Have a super rest of the week!


  7. Adorable as always. I'll bet you changed on Friday because of the game. Your shirt was cute but perhaps not as "comfy" for a game, it can get really hot in there with all those bodies and you want something soft and stretchy and "cool," lol!

  8. I need your clothes. You have the best accessories. Love every outfit!

  9. Totally great outfits this week... AND am curious what kind of camera you are using to get such clear pics without a flash??? Orangies Attic

  10. very cute outfits. Love the gifted scarf in the first outfit so cute, and the dress is very cute too. I love the pop of colour in Monday's out from the necklace, very fun.

  11. Cute JCP top and you look great in orange!

  12. Thanks, ladies! Orangies attic, my camera is a Canon PowerShot SX120 IS. (Now it's called the SX130 IS though).

  13. Saturday, Friday night and Thursday tops. Did you get grey boots ? or are they brown and just look grey in the lighting.I'm a week behind and trying to catch up.