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What I Wore Wednesday


My name is Jodi, and I am the newest addict to Downton Abbey.
(not Downtown Abbey, in case, like me, you thought the people going crazy about the show all over the internet were having serious typo issues.)
I heard the hype and it did not disappoint.
But I'm sure this is no surprise since I just wrote about reading three Jane Austen books in a week.

Me and period dramas/romances go together like peanut butter and banana on toast. Delicious.

What else do I go together with?
Dresses and boots.
That's what.

 Old Navy cardy, thrifted Target dress, Walmart leggings and boots, Fred Meyers necklace

 Target cardy, Sunriver gift shop dress, Walmart boots, SarieJune etsy store necklace

 Old Navy cardy, Target dress, Walmart leggings, Nordstrom cardy Uggs, thrifted necklace

Walmart jacket, H&M scarf, Shade Clothing tee, Target jeans & wedges

I also like jeans. 

And some time last week...*
Shade top, Target jeans, Ebayed Uggs, handmade scarf, gifted bracelet

*Please note: this outfit definitely wins the boring award for the week, but I included it because I knitted that scarf myself, and then used extra yarn to hand stitch it into an infinity scarf, and I am QUITE pleased with myself for being even a little bit crafty. Yay me! It might look plain white in the picture but it's really a mottled oatmeal color that I love.

Now back to Netflix for more Downton Abbey :)


  1. Good Morning! Okay - I keep hearing about this Downton Abbey show. A co-worker of mine is hooked and tells me I must watch it. I have it reserved on Netflix, but it tells me there is a long wait! Must be good. :)

    So - my favorite outfits this week are Monday and Tuesday. And I love that yellow flower necklace.

    Cute as usual. Have a great Wednesday!

  2. Oh isn't Downton Abbey just wonderful? It's my escape from reality. I just rewatched Gosford Park recently too (it's on watch instantly also) and love the dynamic between the servants and their 'lordships'.

    Orange is totally your color! Love the scarf, don't think it's boring, think it's a perfect neutral.

  3. Haven't tried Downton Abbey... it's probably going to be my new obsession now!! :)

    Great job on the scarf! And I love your brightly colored outfits. Like some sunshine during winter! :)

  4. I'm impressed with your knitting skills - I have none and I would love to learn!

  5. Love your dresses and cardigans! The second is my the colors! And the scarf is awesome...isn't it fun to wear something you made? :)

  6. All of your outfits are cute as usual!!! You're one of my faves every week!

  7. Love Sunday's outfit, that dress is stunning! :)

  8. Love the orange outfit & you got knitting skills-who knew?!

  9. Wow knitted ..I'm as surprised as Teri ( well I knew you could, just didn't know you had) nice job :D