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Then and Now


Then: Celebrating Valentine's, 1998
Now: Celebrating Valentine's, 2012

Then: 18 (her) and 20 (him)
Now: 32 and 34

Then: dating for 2.5 years
Now: dating for 16.5 years, married for 12.5 of them

Then: Young and bright eyed
Now: Still young(ish), but seriously concerned about the drooping of our eyelids!

Then: A firm believer in brown lip liner and dark lipstick (her)
Now: A firm believer in Burt's Bees lip balm (and plucked eyebrows, thank goodness)

Then: a rascal that tried to squeeze his girlfriend's rear when he thought people weren't looking (him)
Now: a rascal that delights in embarrassing his wife by stealthily squeezing her rear all date night long! (and I'm not kidding, like THIRTY TIMES. At least.)

Then: very much in love
Now: very, very much in love


  1. Very cute! I love the third one down on the right. Your husband's face is hilarious! :P

  2. You two are adorable. I think you are getting cuter and cuter. My husband does the rear squeeze, too. It freaks his brother out. :)

  3. Wow Jod, it took me back ..seeing those pics especially your then teeth beautifully set.