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Search results


I have a statistics feature on my blog that tracks certain information about visitors to my site.

One of the things it tracks is the key words entered into a search engine (like google), that have brought people to my blog as a result, and while most of the searches are either some form of my blog title or a search for outfits and clothing items (I do have a lot of "What I Wore" posts), there are sometimes some really random searches that are more entertaining, and I'm sure have led people here quite unwittingly...

"goodwill soulmate" - yes, definitely.
"how to keep a poinsetta indoor plant alive forever" - or in my case, from Christmas till May.
"embarrassing moments pics" - Hello, Monday confessionals.
"date outfits from Walmart" - Well speaking of embarrassing!

Some are weird...

"seen a jod" - what?
"manic frustration trouble" - huh?
"tights to the dentist" - that's a bit concerning.

And then there's the plain disturbing...

"girls sniffing uggs"
"pregnant girls pooping"


I'm pretty sure I've never talked about anything like that before, and if I ever were to, it would be more in the line of pregnant girls NOT pooping, because I'm sorry to break this to any childless reader out there, but pregnancy and constipation go hand-in-hand.

Or so I've heard. Ahem. I don't discuss these things.


  1. You are hilarious Jodi. I do believe you had 1 whole blog about 'Pooping', or was it 2. Not #2, I mean...sigh, I give up.

  2. This is hilarious! Love how random they are. I've seen a few for my blog that have had me laughing out loud too!

  3. I just checked mine this morning and one of them was, "extra deep belly button"! What the what?!?!

    I've NEVER blogged about deep belly buttons! (I don't think...)

  4. That is hilarious! So random. I need to figure out how to check that.

  5. LOL those are hilarious, and also a little bit creepy! :P