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Random Tuesday


A whole bunch of randomness, because I'm watching Smash right now, and the singing, OH the singing! It's all I can do to type a coherent sentence together. (During the commercials of course.)

I'm also baking a triple batch of brownies for Kendall and Cooper's class Valentine's parties tomorrow, and I just finished making way too many of these...

Can we say, "Procrastinates much?"

1. Our bedroom carpet is in and looks BEAUTIFUL! We are not in yet though... still shopping for a king sleigh bed set, and waiting for a free day in my husband's still-busy basketball schedule to get our rooms all moved around.
The tile on the left is in front of french doors.
This room will look a lot nicer when there are actual things in it. 
2. Russ and I had a fun Valentine's Date night out Saturday night, hitting Starbucks, the mall, The Cheesecake Factory and the movie theater, plus the photobooth where we took those ridiculous pictures I posted yesterday. (Embarrassing moment: stepping out of the photobooth to find a group of teen boys inspecting our developed pics that had just popped out. Not awkward AT ALL.)
picture taken by a stranger riding by on a bike who only spoke enough English to ask, "You serious?" when we begged him to stop for us. Um, yes, we're desperate, Sir. 
3. About the movie that night: I wanted to see The Vow, but made the mistake of checking out online reviews and let myself be swayed by the critics. With me on the fence, Russ jumped at the chance to see something else, which is how we ended up watching Chronicle for our Valentine's Date. And sadly I ended up hating it and it's horribly non-feel-good ending. If we hadn't gone to the latest showing I would have dragged Russ right into The Vow straight afterwards so I could end the evening on a lovelier note. As it was, poor Russ tried to change the mood with romantic talk on the way home, which I kept interrupting to say things like, "We'll never get those two hours back!", and "That was $20.00 straight down the toilet!". I tend to get a little emotionally affected by the things I watch. 

4. Blake night-peed in the hallway again. I was, once again, quite horrified.

5. Kendall cracked me up while watching last week's American Idol... it was Hollywood week and young singers on the show were going down left and right with health problems (dehydration, flu, stress, etc.). Kendall came up with this explanation for her brother: "Oh I know what's going on... it's winter time, and right now is the season for Spring Fever. And it's a real fever, Cooper."

Whaaaa? Hilarious!

6. Sunday afternoon I went to a surprise birthday party for my friend Shay, who is the photographer behind Be Photography. Our friend Jessica made this amazing cake - a replica of Shay's camera. Incredible, no?

7. And here's my super cute friend, Shay. See the lovely wrapped presents behind her? Not from me. See the lone Cadbury cream egg in front of her? Yeah, that was my gift. And I wasn't ashamed. Shay is a fellow cream egg lover and understands the awesomeness of cream eggs out in early February.

8. Survivor AND the Amazing Race start again this week! Happy dance!

9. I just sampled the brownies to make sure they turned out okay. Phew, I think they're good.

10. Ohhh, maybe just one more try...


  1. Wow I LOVE the camera cake! That is way too cool! I also laughed pretty hard at the mental image of the teenage boys laughing at the photos that printed from the booth! That's hilarious! Oh, definitely embarrassing...but hilarious!

  2. So many things made me laugh in this post. Of course...your son night-peeing in the hallway didn't make me laugh at all. ;) You never hear about girls doing stuff like that! And I can say that because I have two boys, and have no clue what girls do or don't do!

    Also - we did similar V-day goody filled baggies last year. It's a lotta work. But they turned out cute.

    Have a great Tuesday.

  3. Thank you ladies for the comments, glad I could give you a morning chuckle :) Happy V-day!

  4. I want to see the Vow so bad, maybe I shouldn't view the critics hmm.

    Glad the brownies are good!

  5. The premier of Survivor is the highlight of my winter. :-)

  6. Kristin, me too! So excited :)

  7. That thing about the teenagers made me laugh!! :)

    Love the cake... how fun.