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Meet balloon Jesus


Last week the kids came home from Wednesday night church with balloons decorated with cute faces on them. I'm not exactly sure what the lesson tied to them was, but Blake's balloon had the name Jesus written on it, and he was excited to introduce it to me as "my new best friend, Jesus". ("New" because lately he'd been telling me that I was his best friend, a position that is obviously easily replaceable.)

For the next several days this is all we heard...

"Where's my best friend, Jesus?"
"Oh come here, Jesus, you're my new best friend", 
and the ever popular, "I can't find Jesus!"

Balloon Jesus (which was weirdly never referred to as a balloon) was Blake's constant companion, so I'm sure you can imagine his disappoint when Jesus deflated into a sad little latex prune a few days later.

But guess who's back in the #1 best friend spot ;)


  1. LOL! That's hilarious, and also really strange!

  2. That is so cute! I wonder what the lesson was.

  3. Laughing... that's adorable!! :)

  4. Really makes me think how much I keep my 'Best Friend' in my head...just like a child to make Him seem closer than a brother. Touching and easy