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Catching up on my life via cell phone pictures and linking up to

life rearranged

I've been eating a lot of these lately.
For a fruit they're amazingly addictive! 

 Lunch dates are the best.
Especially when pink fluffy zhu zhu pets come along and don't turn off when you want them to!
Blake and I met up with Jana and Emily for lunch at a cute cafe and a trip to the library on Wednesday.

Turns out I hadn't been to the library in a while. Like, two years.
(It's called a kindle. The librarian gasped in mock horror when I said that ;)
I had $15.00 in late fees from 2007 - 2009.
Kind librarian lady decided they were ancient enough to delete without worrying about it.
Yay for librarians! I won't stay away for so long again, I forgot how lovely a place it to be in.

My neice Lizzy just got bangs for the first time.
She came over to my seat at a basketball game to tell me all about it,
and talk hair and fashion for awhile because she's 8 going on 15. I love her.
We shared a brownie treat she'd just won in a free-throw shoot out and discussed things like the intricacies of hair care and the best way to flip your head to get our bangs out of your eyes while still looking cool :)

 Reason #39 why I love Starbucks: free little whipped cream cups drizzled with chocolate
so this guy doesn't feel left out at the pick-up counter. 

Blake's version of the perfect outfit. For church, shopping, going outside in 45 degree weather, etc.
The boy changes clothes ALL THE TIME and drives his mother crazy by it. 

 Oh, cuddly brothers... warms my heart. 

 Kendall doing a magic trick for Uncle Jamin.
He figured it out immediately, while I watched it twice through and was still amazed.
Dang magic tricks. 

So, so excited.

Have a great weekend!


  1. We're hooked on Cuties too..I had to cut my youngest off, he would seriously eat them ALL.DAY!
    Your little guys outfit changing sounds just like mine..makes me crazy ;)
    Happy Friday!

  2. I love cuties and I didn't know Starbucks did that! I want to get one for my son.

  3. Your niece sounds so fun! The boys cuddling melted me instantly - I have two boys (very young still) and can't wait to catch moments like this.

    Happy Friday!

  4. LOL at the Zhu zhu pet with the life of its own! That would drive me insane! :P

  5. Have a great weekend! I love the shots. Oh, I am so addicted to the "cuties" too!


  6. That Blake with his charming personality..and addicting smile... ( who would think the same boy could randomly turn around and get into so much trouble )