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Hello, Room!


 Hello, basically completed lovely new master suite. 

 Hello, gorgeous sleigh bed. 
Hello, $49.00 clearance bedding that I am in love with. 

 Hello, blank walls just waiting for some Pinterest-inspired decorating.
(and hello, uncompleted wiring sticking out of the wall.)

Hello, very wrinkly bedskirt that there is zero percent chance I will ever remove to iron.

Hello, french doors!

Hello, sneaky nightstand drawer, I didn't know you where there at first!
(and hello, kindle light, earphones, pens, extra cellphone case, and little bag of earplugs... in case you were wondering.)

 Hello, pretty dresser. 


Hello, long-awaited second bathroom for this family of five, you will be well used. 
Hello, ugly white shower curtain rod that is going to be replaced as soon as my "oil rubbed bronze" one arrives in the mail (because NO store carries the right color in the size I need.)

Hello, private restroom with your own door.

Hello, double vanity and matching storage/linen unit.
(Hello, more unfinished wiring.)

And hello, $29.00 perfect-sized mirror from Home Depot! You will be hung on the wall very soon.

 Hello, my first ever walk-in closet.

 And hello, open shelving for my husband, who doesn't do well with drawers.
(Or more specifically, getting clothes back IN the drawers ;)
Hello, hiding pull-down ironing board and iron hiding around the corner to the right.

Hello, proper shoe and clothes storage space, how I've needed you!

 Hello, bathroom view from the closet.

And hello, awesomely deep and wide soaking tub.
My children can't wait to swim in you.

Hello, sweet satisfaction of finally living in this new space. 
There are almost no words to describe how wonderful it feels.


  1. Jodi it is gorgeous!!! I am so excited for you!

  2. PS... I am the unknown commentor. LOL

  3. Wow!! Love the everything!! I know exactly how you feel right now. A few years ago we were sharing a room with a one year old and then we put on an addition and it included our own master suite with walk in closet. It's defiantly one of the best things in life to have. I love having my own beautiful, relaxing space. ENJOY!!

  4. Wow!!! I LOVE your new space! I am a little jealous, though. That bathtub looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  5. I LOVE THE NEW ROOM!!!! Ya for you, I am so excited you are finally getting it. you deserve it. Love ya

  6. What a gorgeous space! I can imagine how over the moon you must be to call that yours. That bathroom is to die for...and I would love to come raid your jewelry drawer. :)

  7. That really came together nicely! I'm sure you will enjoy it...and great job on the deals. :-)

  8. Wow! I love it! I especially love the bathroom and your closet!

  9. Thanks, everyone! Glad I finally got to show it off :)

  10. Hello AWESOME Master bedroom! Congrats :)

  11. Looks fantastic!! Drooling over your French doors!! :)