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Hello, Monday!


First of all, thank you for the kind comments about the fake bangs. Perhaps one day I'll take the official leap, but for now I'm inclined to buy my own fake set (those were borrowed) and wear them just often enough to freak out my children on a semi-regular basis.

Now on to a little weekend recap.

There were good times (Chinese takeout and movies), bad times (toddler poop in the bathtub), and really bad times (also involving toddler poop but this time NOT in the bathtub - just pretty much everywhere else). Yeah, it was nasty. And Russ was luckily away at a basketball game so only had the pleasure of my detailed text messages to warn him of the combat zone of horror I was warring in at home.

You could say that the weekend didn't get off to the best start.

However, Blake's tummy settled, Cooper played in two fun basketball games Saturday afternoon, and then he and Kendall both went to sleepovers and Russ and I enjoyed ourselves an at-home date night as soon as Blake went to bed at 8 pm. (Which is where the takeout and movie rentals came in.)

And THEN, Sunday morning I actually got myself ready early enough to be on time to church for once, and not even the sight of Cooper showing up in a dress polo paired with basketball shorts and a pair of skate shoes with fluorescent orange laces could ruin my good mood. It was close though. (Note to self: still need to oversee 9-year-old son's packing job for sleepovers.)

The weather Sunday afternoon was GORGEOUS and after eating lunch outside and watching my family play catch and toss a football around, I headed inside for a blissful nap and didn't wake up until the Superbowl had started and Russ came in to let me know I was missing the commercials. (I enjoy a good commercial and this year didn't disappoint. Neither did the half-time show, in my humble opinion. I thought Madonna did a great job, and was frankly impressed that her wardrobe covered as much of her as it did.)

Our evening ended with roast chicken for dinner and the premiere of The Voice, a show I've never watched before but really enjoyed. And then my family all went to bed and I stayed up and read my third Jane Austen novel in row since last weekend because I'm on another reading kick and one of her novels came already downloaded on my phone, which I discovered by accident, and that was all it took to get me going on all of them again. I love her. And Pride and Prejudice most of all.

And that was the weekend! So to recap the recap, nothing much really happened unless you count staying home and watching TV and movies and reading as entertainment. Which obviously I do.

Happy Monday!


  1. HA! You are so funny! Good for you guys for squeezing in some time together - esp. since it involved chinese. Too bad about all the poop though. Why is it when stuff like that happens, the husbands are always gone?

    Have a great Monday!

  2. Cooper's Sunday outfit looked great. I gave him two thumbs up. Good timing on Russ's part by not being home when the POOP HIT the FAN.

  3. Ahh... I love Jane Austen, too. Is it weird that I want a regency gown or some kind of empire day dress? Where in the world would I wear that? Halloween?

    Sorry about the poop. :(

    High fiving you on church. I was actually early this week... which never happens. It felt good... we should do this on time thing more often. :)

  4. Movies and books are the perfect weekend companions. I love P&P. So great.