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Last weekend I had almost 5 inches cut off my hair.

(If you saw me this past week and didn't notice, don't feel bad... NO ONE noticed. My hair feels healthy and fresh now though, and that's all that matters. Plus I made it back into the salon in less than a year from my last haircut so I was quite proud of myself.)

(I have appointment-making issues.)

Anyway. While I was there my stylist and I discussed doing full bangs, but I was a big ol' chicken and didn't go through with it. Which I can't say was a bad decision after I tried on these fake ones today... (don't laugh!)

Oh okay, laugh... I know my whole family did. And then Cooper asked me quite seriously to please take them off. (Remember he's the one that doesn't like change? I had no idea this would extend to my hairstyle.)

It's fun to play with the idea though, and how cool are these to be able to test and see if you'd like such a drastic change without committing to anything?!

I think I had some user errors with placing them however.... because now that I look at my pictures they look kinda high on my forehead, and I'm pretty sure they're supposed to to look more like this...

And frankly - I think that would bug the heck out of my eyeballs.


  1. I must be either mad or blind, because if I hadn't read your post that that fringe was fake, I wouldn't have noticed! LOL!

    I have never tried that, as my hair is very curly and I think I would look ridiculous!

  2. I think the bangs are cute! It does take a little while to get used to them, from experience... but after a week you'd probably wonder why you hadn't cut them before! ;)

  3. I can't believe those are fake, they look so real! I really need a cut too, one of these days I suppose.

  4. Love the new hair and wow do those bangs look real! I really like that look on you!

  5. Wow Jod, sorry I didn't notice your hair cut ...fake bangs ? how? photo shop??

  6. Oh Mum you're cute... they're fake hair...they just clip in with a little comb. Jessica has them to help clients decide if they want to cut bangs or not.

    Don't do bangs Jodi... you're beautiful with them, but I know you, and you'll want to grow them out right away!!

  7. Wow, those really look real! I think you look super cute both ways! :)

  8. I actually noticed that you cut your hair, but for reasons unknown even to me i didn't say any thing! Go figure!:)

  9. You look really cute! But now you can have bangs or no bangs, lol!

    Oh yeah, that whole "doesn't like change" things extends to hair, too.

    My hair used to be down past my bottom, and several years ago I got it cut a little shorter than it is now.

    I had "warned" my family that I was getting it cut but the youngest didn't believe me.

    My oldest son came home and I overheard my younger son say to him "Mom cut her hair. I hate it." Lol! When he was 7 we traded in our old car for another and he "hated" that one too for awhile, lol!