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The camera thief strikes again


Blake is notorious for swiping my camera and taking pictures while no one is looking, and then putting it back where he found it before anyone notices.

I usually only find out because almost every time I load my pictures onto the computer I'll find several odd shots in a row of random things around the house. Followed by the classic face shot:

The last couple of camera uploads have held some extra surprises though.

First, I found this picture and thought maybe I'd taken it out our new bedroom window and forgot about it.
That right there is a lawn that hasn't seen a mower since sometime last fall. 
 But then I checked out the next shot and it made more sense:
Hahaha. Busted!

Secondly... Blake learned how to use the self-timer. I caught him red-handed on this one, which is how I know it wasn't one of his siblings who took this, and can I just say how impressed I am that he centered himself perfectly in front of the camera?

But I didn't know he'd already taken this one! 

Boys are such BOYS!

(Which explains why my son is perfectly content to wear one sock only, and with a giant hole in the toe no less!)

(Oh, and that's my husband's rear in the background.... perched as close to the TV as possible while watching game film to prep for an upcoming basketball game, safe from all possibility of someone walking in front of him and blocking the screen for a millisecond ;) 


  1. such fun to start the day with a chuckle

  2. maybe if russ wasn't sitting so close to the tv he would have seen what his child was doing! Blame russ, it's the right thing to do!:)

  3. Haha, I'm pretty sure that's what I DID do when I walked in the room!

  4. To funny Jod. Wow that really is impressive how Blake figured out the self timer..I DID notice that sock right away too, he's such a goober, I wonder what exciting things he'll do at Gramma Halversons ;D

  5. Heheh I like the finger on the nose photo! Priceless!

  6. Ha, the nose pick made me LOL. :)