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What I Wore Wednesday


My name is Jodi, and as you'll see in the following photos, I like to wear the same boots almost every single day.

It's turning into a real problem.

Last Wednesday
grocery shopping and errands in town
Target dress, thrifted Old Navy angora sweater, Walmart boots, Sariejune necklace.
This outfit turned out to be a cute but unfortunate combo, as my angora sweater shed little cream fuzzies onto my black dress all day long. 

final family Christmas get-together up in Portland
Target dress, Old Navy cardy, H&M scarf, same Walmart boots, and Walmart leggings.
Mervyn's sweater (back when there was a Mervyn's - it's old!),  thrifted Loft skirt, yard sale belt, and those darned Walmart boots again! 
Standing in our soon to be finished master bedroom!

prayer group, basketball game
Dress Barn shirt, Ross vest, Target jeans and oh look, different footwear! Target booties. 
bridal dress shopping with my cousin!
Old Navy cardy (from a yard sale), Target dress, Plato's Closet necklace, and good ol' Walmart boots and leggings.  Surprise, surprise. 

 I know I've said it again and again, but I really should look at getting some new boots. 

Happy Wednesday, all! I'm linking up with the ever adorable Lindsey at

pleated poppy


  1. I love the wedding dress shopping pose!!! You are super cute and wearing the same boots is not a problem except for the people that have to drool over them everyday!! :)

    Have a great week!


  2. I love each one of your out fits, you have great style. I would love for you to join my weekly linky, anything goes Fri-Monday at Bacon Time. Come strut your stuff.

  3. I love all your outfits, but my favorite is the first dress from Target. And you are rockin' those boots! Happy Wednesday to you.

  4. great looks! I'd wear those boots everyday too!

  5. I wear my boots a lot, too. It's just hard not to!! I like your Mervyn's top... I miss that store! I also love the outfit you went to the bridal store in. What fun that must have been. :)

  6. I came across your blog via TinyTwig's No Brainer Wardrobe series. I've subscribed and I like seeing the outfits you put together - you do a great job! If it's not too creepy... Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine? :) (I'm an Oregonian.)

  7. Thank you! And haha, NOT creepy. Portland, Oregon!

  8. Love very one of your outfits! My favorite is your Target dress with the shedding cardigan. I know that pain...I end up rarely wearing those sweaters a second time with anything but khakis.

  9. Great outfits! Love all the colors and leggins. Hey, I'm wearing the same pair of boots this week...uh, every day. It's been rainy messy yucky and boots work for me.

  10. Love your Tuesday look...that orange dress is so flattering! And I am the same way with my boots. I could live in my gray suede ones. :)

  11. The orange dress is darling!

    And I also have one favorite pair of boots. Or, as I like to call them... my one pair of boots. Haha.

  12. Haha, Lindsey - yes mine count as my favorites too then :)

  13. Sweeeet! Saturday ( awesome scarf) Monday ( love the check shirt and vest combo) and Tuesday Super cute the colour, as for the can never wear too much of a good thing. ( ok I made that up, but you know what I mean ;D

  14. Love, love your orange dress outfit. I'd wear those boots everyday too if we could get some winter weather around here!

  15. Visiting from What I Wore Wednesday. Your outfits are such inspiration. You look great! Would love for you to join my ABC's of Style challenge at

  16. cute outfits as always, I love the black dress with the yellow sweater and necklace. And what a fun outfit you wore bridal dress shopping. That necklace is cool.