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It's the board game of choice in our home right now.

And this is pretty much how it goes down every time we play...

1. It's boys against girls.
2. Blake gets his own stack of chips to play with on the side.
3. Blake spills all his chips on the floor, tries to stick them up his nose, stacks them up on one corner of the board, tries to inflate his empty zip-lock chip bag like a balloon, and keeps himself otherwise occupied.
4. Cooper starts off by wasting a joker to place his first chip.
5. Russell's night of exasperation with his partner begins.
6. Kendall plays well, but needs a reminder every single time it's her turn.
7. Cooper's hand is short 3 cards after his fourth turn.
8. I try my darndest to thwart Russell, who is more than capable of winning despite his handicap of a teammate (sorry Coop, I say that in love.)
9. But it's no use, the boys seem to win EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
10. So Kendall and I declare a rematch and we start all over again.

Nothing like a little family bonding time :)

(P.S. Is it just me or does Cooper's arm look like that stretchy guy's from Fantastic Four in that picture?)


  1. I have never heard of this game before, but it looks like fun, and yes, his arm certainly does look like it's super long! :O

  2. I have never heard of this one either! Looks fun though! :)

  3. Cooper is indeed super stretch! I love the description for Blake, can imagine each and everyone of those things taking place!!

    And you should know better than to go up against Russ in a game like this... he's kind of like the crazy Sicilian in Princess Bride who never lost a match (until Wesley of course) but my point is.. Monopoly, Sequence, Settlers... they're all Russ games. I suggest you move to Nerts!

  4. Haha Kelly, it's so true about Russ! And I do love a good game of nerts... but I don't think even my patience could survive a game that fast with the kids until they're a bit older ;)

  5. I've heard that game is super fun! We are addicted to Clue right now and my step daughter has to be told every.single.time that it's her turn. Aaaagggghhhh! lol. I love his super stretch arm. Too funny!

  6. When I came to #5. Russell's night of exasperation with his partner begins.
    I lost it lol-at work- in front of everyone trying to sneak read your blog...

  7. Cooper's arm looks like a fake rubber arm..too funny..I'm with Kelly, could totally see Blake doing all those thing to amuse himself...especially sticking them up his nose!

  8. when we play games with our kids if they have to be told too many times it's their turn then we just skip them the next time around! sometimes they catch on that they didn't get a turn and, well, sometimes not!

  9. Tricia that is a fantastic idea!