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Monday Confessional


It is sad to confess that once upon a time,
I thought this hair style was a good idea. 
Oh my holy awful. 
Could I have curled my layers into more perfect half-ringlets?
But I fully remember feeling very happy with my hair that day... 
the day I found out I was pregnant with my first child. 

(Shout out to all the girls who rocked Calvin Klein denim overalls in the late 90's. 
I had TWO pair.) 


  1. Hehehe! I think I like the hairstyle you have in your sidebar photo much better! :)

  2. Lol! Love it. I had the overalls too. I'm sure most of us did. Your hair has come a long way, but I can't talk. I'd never be able to post a pic of mine back in the day. You're brave! :)

  3. I had Tommy Hilfiger overall's man what was I thinking???????? LOL

  4. It's not the hair that is scaring me at all. It's the overalls. I shudder at overalls. I think you should be allowed to wear them past age 3. And yet I wore and overall dress. :P

  5. i think you should go back to that look, Jodi, it suits you!

  6. Oh the 90's :) I think your hair looks super healthy though! That was the were totally cool, especially with those overalls. I think I wore them with one strap down...did you all do that too? Awesome.

  7. **Scratches head**
    I'm confused. I like that look (minus the overalls)