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Monday Confessional


We'll chalk this up to another one of those "well that was embarrassing" moments... those moments I seem to have way too many of...

Last week I managed to lock my keys in my car after coming home from taking taking the kids to school in the morning. (Don't ask me how, it will forever remain a mystery.) And of course I did not discover this until I went to leave to pick the kids up again that afternoon and couldn't open the door, causing me to have to place an emergency call to my sister who works in the school office to please grab my children.

(Kelly gets an emergency call from me approximately once every other week, usually of the "I'm late coming home from grocery shopping" variety, so I was relieved to at least have a valid emergency this time. And I didn't even mind that she might have laughed at me a tiny bit. Or a lot.)

My kids pick-up now arranged, I next called Russ to apprise him of the situation. He immediately asked where the extra remote was that came with the car when we bought it, assuming I'd put it somewhere safe in the house.

And here's where I invite you into my mind for a moment, to explain why I never once thought of using the remote as a back up for an accidentally locked vehicle: "I get an extra remote for my car? Cool! I'll keep it safely in a compartment IN THE CAR, in case my regular remote dies or breaks."

Yeah, Russell had trouble following that logic as well.

And then he had to get off the phone so I decided to take the initiative and call around to some towing companies to get price quotes for an emergency lockout. I was quite proud of myself for not just scheduling the first company I called, and it's a good thing I didn't because if I hadn't called a second company, I wouldn't have been asked as an afterthought, "so you don't have coverage on your insurance for this?"

And I realized that, um, "Oh yes, I do!!"

Hears a moment of silence on the other line ".... Okaaay, well you might want to give them a call first then..."

Dies a little bit inside.

But I was only embarrassed for a short moment, because, "YAY, FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE!"

And I won't be forgetting I have that again.

(Also, my extra remote is no longer inside my vehicle.)


  1. I would have totally done the same thing in regards to the remote in the glove box, although my car doesn't have a remote but I have locked my keys in my car several times so my dad, brian, and my wallet have an extra key but we also just got AAA so yay!

  2. I have locked my keys in my car more than once. And my phone. And we don't have a landline. So I've had to email my husband (at least I still had access to the house!) to come save us. And the last time it happened, he came home and unlocked the van, and then checked the box where we keep the spare key--where the spare key was just sitting there. I felt majorly dumb.

  3. Jodi I think you'll need to create a Blog book with your finest moments included...I love reading them.