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InstaFriday is a fun way to link up with others to show your cell phone pics from the past week (instagram pics for iphone users - regular ol' phone pics for the not-quite-as-cool folk like me.)

So here's what's been going on in my neck of the woods...

life rearranged

Homecoming coronation at my old school - and my kids current school - during halftime of the boys varsity basketball game last Friday night. (They did the fully decorated and dressed up presentation of the court during school that day.) My niece Mandy and nephew Ben (who are cousins) were the freshman prince and princess! 
(They're the cuties on the far left.)

Picking out carpet at Home Depot - we went with Martha Stuart's Blenheim line. Then celebrated with Yogurt Shack :)

Last Saturday Russ and the other coaches took the boys and girls high school basketball teams out on a fun day that ended with dinner at Red Robin and a movie. Which I of course invited myself along to, because hello, RED ROBIN.
It just happened to be my niece's 15th birthday that day and she does NOT like attention... so naturally we had to make sure the staff knew so she could be forced to stand on a chair and wear a coffee filter for a hat - ha ha, HA. She was such a good sport and ended up laughing a lot while up there :)

And this would be at the theater afterwards, where we managed to practically fill the entire main section, much to the disappointment of all the couples who came in after our very early arrival. It was probably a good thing they didn't end up among us though because did you know that teenagers in large groups can by quite noisy and obnoxious in public settings? It's true. 

Mission Impossible 3 was very good by the way.

Kendall at her award ceremony for playing 5th/6th grade basketball. 
Now she's on the 6th grade team that's playing in the 7th/8th grade league, which is during the same season as Cooper's 3rd/4th grade basketball, because I like to complicate my life with as many commitments at the same time as possible. (Oh wait, that doesn't describe me at all.)
What does describe me? "Basketball coach's long-suffering wife." ;)

Blake decided that Miley's freshly laundered dog bed would be the perfect spot to curl up and watch a movie from. And I have to admit it does look sorta cozy... in an "only because I just bleached it" kind of way.

 Last night I drove 35 minutes to the Walmart Superstore for an evening grocery shopping trip with my mother. The moon was so pretty on the way that we took a pic out the front window, which of course does it no justice whatsoever since it looked waaay closer and prettier in person.

The trip was fun and would have gone off without a hitch if somebody, not naming any names, but NOT me,  hadn't forgot their money and not realized it till they were checking out, and if somebody else, not naming names again, but NOT my mother, hadn't left the interior lights on in her car when she came home, resulting in a dead battery the next morning.

Like I said, pretty much a perfect evening. 

The important thing is that if I hadn't gone, I would never have discovered the newest love of my life: Cinnamon sugar spreadable butter! 
Only 70 calories for a tablespoon - which is a generous amount for my whole wheat English muffin. This little tub is going straight to the secret hiding spot at the back of the fridge, a high honor I tell you!

And now that I've included food once again in my InstaFriday post, I feel complete :)

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!


  1. I MUST HAVE that butter. I swear reading blogs is making me poor. Every time I read one there is something else that I have to have. ;) Really though, YUMMMMMM!!!!!

  2. Happy InstaFriday! :)

    I love the tiny little couple - too cute! :)

  3. Now I will be looking for that butter! Adorable pic of your son in the doggie bed. It does look comfy! Is Red Robin that good???? We have one about 30 minutes from here and I've seen it several times when I go Goodwill shopping there. I might have to try it out. Oh and just to let you know...I 'showed my socks' this week in an outfit....because of YOU. LOL

  4. looks like you had a fantastic week. i'm gonna have to try that spreadable cinnamon butter stuff. i love me a good butter. ;)

  5. Wow Jod, how come you didn't force me to get the spreadable butter ??. How could I have missed that?!. That "B" how cute is does look comfy :D