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Well hello and happy Friday!
I'm back with another week's worth of random phone pics, which I'm linking up to Jeannett for

life rearranged

 1. Cooper's first basketball game of the 3rd & 4th grade season. Because I don't have enough basketball in my life! (Headed to my 6th & 7th game of the week tonight.)
2. Delicious stir fry. It's what's for dinner. 

 3. Miley dreaming of the day she can go back outside unattended and unprotected. Dream big, girlfriend! (She's in heat, not incontinent... in case you were curious.)

(And if you think that's an awkward subject to explain to your three innocent children, you are absolutely right.)

4. A favorite snack: Juanita's chips (they're the best) with jalapeno greek yogurt dip. YUM. 
5. Blake playing with his moon sand set OUTSIDE - the only safe place for moon sand. 

6. Watching snow fall outside our new bedroom window - which I am IN LOVE with. 

And that's it. Nothing too exciting - which is the usual state of things around here.
(Unless you count last night when Blake got up in the middle of the night, opened his bedroom door, pulled down his pants, PEED IN THE HALLWAY, and then put himself back to bed, dead asleep the entire time. What. The. Heck. That's the kind of excitement I could definitely do without.)

Have a great weekend, everyone! 


  1. It's been a solid 5 minutes and I am STILL laughing at the idea of Blake's midnight toilet run. Your children have the BEST night-time bathroom tales. The hallway is not as good as Cooper lifting the lid of the toy box and going in there... but he's got a few years to outdo his older brother!

  2. Sleep walking oh no! Bit that stir fry sure does look good.

  3. LOL!! I actually did a LOL reading the pee story! Love it! I am glad to see a friend of mine is getting some snow! I want some SOOO incredibly bad right now! The weather here in OK has been ridicuiously warm latley! I am hopeful though!

  4. I hope you get some snow Jenny! Ours lasted all of 3 or 4 hours... so sad, but so typical for Western Oregon.

  5. poor Miley..! ..and Blake...oh no ! not another sleep walker !!

  6. Poor little Miley. Totally LOL, like really did, at the pee story. Oh the things we sleep walkers do! Glad you got a little bit of snow. I'm envious down here in So. Cal.

  7. Yum! That stirfry does look good! :)

    I feel sorry for Miley in the diaper, lol, and oh no at your son sleepwalking and peeing in the hallway! :O