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The weekly cell phone pics... linked up to Jeannett at 
life rearranged

What is Costco without a churro from the food court with Grandma? 

How Blake decided to ride around Costco yesterday.
He thought he was pretty cool beans. 

What's wrong with this picture? 
1. I'm a bad Auntie. An unsupervised Elijah is a disaster waiting to happen. 
2. Yes, I fed the kids dry cereal on paper towels. All my bowls were dirty, okay?
3. Could that dying poinsettia look any sadder on the table? 

The picture I sent Russ to ask if he'd like this shirt because it was 50% off. 
Proof that I do sometimes clothes shop for people other than myself. Sometimes. 

My favorite order from our local taco stand. Russ and I share these bbq pork tacos and one of their awesome chicken quesadillas. As Dora would say, Muy Delicioso!

Serious race car driving going on in the living room. 
Blake wins for best wide-legged stance, but loses for worst driving ensemble (he dressed himself, like on all other days, as if it were the middle of summer.)
And Hayden just wins period, because he has the gaming skills of a teenager. 

The pillows and wall art waiting to adorn my new master suite. I bought these at the craft bazaar I worked at last month, except I ordered the wall pieces in a larger size so they will be tall rectangles. 
And that's how I decided what my room color scheme was going to be!

Have a great weekend, everyone! 


  1. i like your room color scheme. need help deciding mine. ahhhh!

    i wish i could ride around in a costco cart.

  2. I've never had a proper churro... I think that's a must this year.

    those bbq pork tacos look AWESOME!!!

    and I'm really digging the wall art and pillows. ;o)

    hey, at least you did the most important thing 1st when you found the kid on your table, you took a picture. first things first right?

    have a great weekend!

  3. Umm... so I feed my kid on paper towels at least once a week and the dishes are clean most of the time. Talk about lazy. I can reach over and grab a paper towel but not open the cabinet to get one of his plates. Glad to know I'm not the only feeding my child on paper towels. Easy clean up!

  4. Love the new colors! Love, love love!

  5. I love your new room colors - I have an obsession with blue and yellow lately. I hope you show us pics of the pictures on the wall and the pillows in their spot.

    And cereal on a paper towel - I can totally relate.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Costco churros are the best EVER. I hate churros, but loooooove them from there. Yum! I love your new bedroom decor. The patterns are pretty, pretty! Is there something wrong with cereal on a paper towel??? ;)

  7. Love the colors you are going with in the master bedroom! Those are actually the colors I have decided to go with in my new room! Great choice!

  8. I didn't notice the poinsettia till you mentioned it ...then cracked up laughing ..Boy on table..ah ha!...Boy dived off table here..I did not photograph. fortunately a lower table and a large cushion saved my bacon. ;D