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I thought he was a pirate, myself...


Kendall had a friend over the other day and this was their dress up game...
Kendall's friend was the princess, and she had a young princess daughter. 
Kendall was the servant girl, with a baby of her own to take care of as well. 
And Blake was the serving boy, who went by the self-proclaimed name of "Jim".

They entertained themselves in this imaginary world for hours.

Kids are so awesome :) 


  1. Very cute! Love their creativity.

  2. Oh they're so cute... Kendall has always had such a fun imagination, and I love that Blake seems to have inherited it too... now if they would just let it rub off on their little cousin Hayden!

    I'm also going to start calling Blake "Jim" from now on and insist that he starts serving me when I'm over!

  3. That Blake is a crack up !