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Cousin fun


For the past two days I have pretty much abandoned all child and household duties and spent my time with my cousin visiting from New Zealand instead, helping take her out and about.

Did you catch that? Two GLORIOUS days of child and household duty abandonment! I've been having myself some fuh-unn!

Michelle was only 4 years old when my family moved to the States, and 14 years old when I saw her on my last trip back to New Zealand, so it was important to me, and the rest of my family, to spend as much time with her as we could during her very short 5 day stay in Oregon.

And I think we did quite well!

Michelle has now...

- been to the top of Mt. Hood and played in the snow

- tasted a rootbeer float
Along with my brother and Cooper - who it looks like might have been a float hog!

- seen an American high school sports game

- stood through the National Anthem

- visited our church

- shopped at an outlet mall

- shopped at Target, Walmart, and Best Buy

- Dined out at The Olive Garden
Cousin day. Michelle is my Mum's brother's youngest daughter, Kelly and I are sisters, and Linely is my Mum's sister's daughter - who also lives here in Oregon. Not confusing at all right?

- tried on a gazillion wedding dresses while shopping for her upcoming wedding in April
(NOT "the" dress)
- bought her wedding dress, veil and shoes all in one day! Mega-success!

- been to a large mall
the proud new owner of a Konad nail art kit
- bought an ipad 2

- had her eyebrows "threaded" (this was a first for me and my cousin Linley too!)
Claimed to be better than waxing or tweezing. 
- eaten at Taco Bell

- experienced the awesomeness that is Yogurt Shack
It made her want to move here :)
- enjoyed a Cinnabon treat

- driven through a bank drive-thru, and a coffee drive-thru (neither of which they have in NZ)

- had her first soft pretzel

- traveled by lightrail

- been to a NBA basketball game! (Blazers vs. Orlando Magic)

- And posed as the statue of liberty!

(We couldn't resist)

Now I can't speak for Michelle, but I can say that I had a 100% wonderful time :)

Dear Lin.. I mean.. Michelle ;) 
We all just loved you!
Thanks for letting us drag you all over
And for giving me in particular an excuse to pretend I don't have other responsibilities.
I'm sorry I kept trying to call you the wrong name. 
As we all know by now, 

Love ya!


  1. You Kiwis really know how to pack a good time into 5 short days! What a blast. :)

  2. Wow! You all did A LOT in a short time. Looks like you showed her a great time. Fun!