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A busy few days


I haven't blogged since last Wednesday? Really?! I guess I've had a busy few days, filled with some fun and not so fun things (see painting ahead). 

Since last Wednesday...

Cooper lost one of his front two teeth. Finally. We've only been waiting for 3 years now!

And in a very smart move, he left this note with his tooth on the bathroom counter that night. 
(Around these parts the tooth fairy can not be trusted to remember a tooth hidden under a pillow, and has even been known to forgot the one left on the counter, hence the reminder. 

With the help of my cousin Linley, I taped off and painted our new bedroom and bathroom trim and baseboards for 12 HOURS STRAIGHT. (There was a lot of trim.)
That was Thursday and consequently I don't even remember Friday. 
Except that I read John Grisham's "The Litigator" from beginning to end in practically one sitting. (Which was good since I could barely move anyway.)

We had our final family Christmas get-together. Santa was there!

And Kendall received her one and only dream gift that's she's wanted for ALMOST TWO WHOLE WEEKS (ever since she received a Rapunzel doll on Christmas day)...
It's Flynn Rider!

My cousin Michelle arrived from New Zealand for a short stay, requiring a a lengthy visit to hear all the latest on my peeps back home, discuss her upcoming wedding in April, and Facebook stalk a few people because some things are fun no matter what country you're in. 

We worshiped in the house of the Lord.

And afterwards while Russ delivered a play structure, Kendall played at a friend's, and Cooper got to go to Timberline Lodge at the top of Mt. Hood with his grandparents, uncle, and cousin, I had the great joy of applying the second coat of paint to my trim. 

Fun times.

Wish I was there, Coop!

Hope you all had great weekends!


  1. Hi Jodi! I just found your blog and I'm loving it. That note to the tooth fairy is super cute. Smart kid! :)

  2. Hey thanks for the comment! I'm glad you're enjoying reading :)

  3. Hah! I like your tooth fairy note! :)

    Are you going to watch The Firm? It's one of my favorite movies of all time. I'm hoping they don't slaughter the TV show.

  4. That's funny you ask, I JUST heard about it for the first time and got all excited! I'll be checking it out for sure!