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Awkward and Awesome


- Blake playing games on my phone during his big sister's basketball game one minute, and next thing you know he's switched to camera mode and is asking parents sitting in the crowd from the opposing team to pose for him as he takes 35 pictures.

- Taking the kids to Yogurt Shack and getting sucked into the silly Nickelodeon kids show on the big screen, until I glance over at the front door and notice my 3-year-old swinging from the front door handle like a monkey, with his feet up around his ears. And that's my cue to make our exit... 

- Turning the water off in the shower just in time to hear the doorbell ring and Blake answer the door, inviting the nice carpet-measuring man from Home Depot who has shown up early inside. Moment of panic, moment of panic! And then hearing my dog who, in case I haven't already mentioned it once or thrice, is in heat and wearing PINK DOGGIE PANTIES, go spastic and jump all over the newcomer in excitement. Awkwardness was just written all over this situation - including my towel-headed and very red-faced late appearance.

- Exercising again after a break so long you can't even really call it a break anymore, and realizing that you're so unfit that you're starting to sweat and huff during the 5 minute WARM-UP. Not good.

- And then the pain, OH the pain!

- Picking carpet, luxurious carpet at that, for our new bedroom! And getting to pick basically whatever kind I want... because my husband is THE BEST.

- Blake's declaration while carrying Miley's foam dog bed over his head... "Mom!" he says, "I'm strong, and brave, and handsome!" Hahaha. I don't know where the kid gets this stuff, but he makes me laugh out loud ALL the time.

- The return of the original steak fries at Red Robin. Apparently our location was the test run for a cheaper-to-make version, but the cries of protest from the public (my own included) were so overwhelming that they quickly reverted back to the old kind. Hooah!! (If only Facebook would respond to mass complaints like that...)

-, and the accompanying app on my cell phone. I'm a brand new convert (thanks to the awesome sales pitch of my friend Kourtney), and am totally loving it! Especially the little scanner on the phone app which helps me food journal by instantly adding the nutritional facts from anything with a bar code on it. Very helpful, and just plain old fun to use!

- Feeling that drive and motivation to lose weight and MEAN IT, once again. It's happening, people!


  1. Ha! Kids do funny things with phone cameras. I get some great photos that way! :)

    Hope your new carpet is awesome!

    And weight loss is hard... I think you look so great just as you are, but I hope your goals go well. My biggest hope is that you are just healthy and happy! :)

  2. I laughed so hard at all the awkward things, especially Blake taking the photos of all the other people in the crowd! That's priceless!