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5 pm family snapshot


A snapshot into life at our place on a Wednesday evening.

Russ is taking a quick nap before dinner because it's the middle of his basketball coaching season, and late night basketball games + a 4:20 am wake-up time for work is not exactly the healthiest combination. 

I'm reading our small town paper that is delivered once a week, while dinner is cooking on the stove. 
(Still lovin' my Christmas apron.)

Kendall is groovin' to Just Dance 3 and working up enough of a sweat to necessitate an outfit change. 

Cooper is hard at work building a small wooden helicopter, with glue and all. 

Blake is drinking a gallon of apple juice while working on fully waking up from his late afternoon nap. 
(We try not to interact with him during this delicate time... hello, Grumpypants.)

It's not long at all before he's back to his normal happy self though - working up his own sweat. 

And Miley... 

well Miley is slightly indisposed right now and doesn't want to talk about it. 
I completely understand, Sista. I get hormonal during these times too. 


  1. Bahahaha... oh Miley. You look "great" in a diaper!!!

  2. Hi Jodi- I'm visiting from Barb's blog! That last picture made me laugh! And, I know all about basketball husband coached high school boys for 5 years before we had our son...and I was a high school basketball official for many years. It's a LONG (and fun!) season! It's nice to "meet" you!

  3. Oh Jodi that's hilarious ! ..well almost sad really..( Miley that is) can only imagine the difficulty you had putting them on!!

  4. No one should be up that early. No one. :)

    I wanna dance with Kendall. :)

    And oh that poor dog. Is she in a mood, too?

  5. Miley I am with you and your momma! Darn it! =)