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What I Wore Wednesday


I'm linking up for another round of WIWW because old habits die hard, and since it seems like I've been doing this for forever, we're going to count it as an old habit of mine. At least 15 months old.

Luckily I count it as a good habit, since it helps me get dressed on an almost daily basis.

(Well, four times this week.)

Last Wednesday
Open house Thanksgiving class parties at my kid's school
Loft sweater, Target tank and jeans, Fred Meyer boots, Premier Designs bracelet.
Thanksgiving #1 & #2
Thrifted top & bracelet, thrifted Gap jeans, old belt, and Payless flats.
church, Thanksgiving #3 (we really like to party when food is involved)
Thrifted jacket, Target top, Old Navy jeans, Fred Meyers necklace, same Fred Meyers boots as above.
bible study
Old Navy cardy & jeans, Target top, gifted necklace, same old belt, same Payless flats as above.
Thanks for visiting, have yourself a great Wednesday :)

Oh, and as a follow up to last week's WIWW, no awesome boots were to be found during my Black Friday shopping adventures. At least not within my price range at the only four stores I went to. I'm sure you're as sad as I was... 

pleated poppy

Adventures in shopping: Black Friday edition

So here was the plan: I'd meet my mother and sister, sister-in-law Tricia, and Jana at 9:30 pm, we'd drive the half hour to town, and start at Walmart, shopping the 10 pm doorbusters until the electronics came on sale at midnight. Sounds pretty simple right? At least we thought so, none of us ever having attempted a Walmart Black Friday opening before.

Turns out we were a bunch of loony tunes to be so naive because, OH THE INSANITY. We got our first hint that things might not go so smoothly when traffic was stopped a couple blocks away from Walmart's vast parking lot and people were parking on the main road and all the side streets and walking. The cars were so jammed we couldn't even turn around and it took us a full 20 minutes to get through the parking lot close enough for me to drop everyone off, which we finally decided to do after a good 5 minutes of debating whether to completely bail or not. We'd come this far we decided, why not risk life and limb and have a little adventure.

After I miraculously found a spot and waded in, I quickly discovered the masses had already grabbed most of the sale stuff and got in line to checkout, but all was not lost. As it turns out, the way to shop the Walmart sale is to wander aimlessly around the store and find abandoned items you were looking for that other people grabbed and then changed their mind on three aisles later. Seriously, I got all but two items on my list, including the $248 laptop that I was hoping for! I didn't even wait in line for it - I just decided (at 11:57 pm, 3 minutes before the electronics sale started) to go wait by the line of people who already had tickets saving their spot for the computer because they'd been there since probably 7 pm, just in case someone bailed. I was completely shocked to discover that several people must have because I watched them hand out all the laptop boxes to the people waiting and when the line was gone there were still ten left. And I was the only one standing there waiting to see if there were extras!


What does this mean? I am now the proud owner of my first ever laptop! An HP 15.6 inch screened beauty. Technically it's a Christmas present from Russ (because I sorta twisted his arm to let me get it by saying I wouldn't need anything else under the tree. Which we all know is a lie - of course I need a surprise under the tree!) but I don't think I'm going to be able to wait till the end of December to start playing with it.

We spent the next hour and a half manning our cart in the long and winding checkout line, taking turns going out in pairs to scavenge for more abandoned items left by other shoppers (I'm telling you, it's the way to go.) This led to making new best friends with the ladies in front of us, who brought us iced waters from the Subway up front and refilled them for us a few times too. (Loved those girls!)

After Walmart we took a little side trip to Krispy Kreme at 1:30 am because the hot light was on and we were a little caffeine deficient. 
Peppermint white mochas to revive our sleep-deprived selves.
a dozen fresh doughnuts helped too. 
And then we rocked Target (always way more organized and stocked than Walmart), Old Navy (no lines at all and very well stocked, bought myself two pairs of jeans because they were only $15.00), and Kohl's (also no lines... turns out 2-5 am is the prime time to shop!) before heading back home at 6 am. With a trunk full of presents bought at some pretty amazing prices. I rolled into bed at 7 am and didn't wake up until almost one o'clock in the afternoon. And the rest of the weekend was kind of a blur after that, but it was a fun and relaxing blur.

And now that the shock of the long night has worn off, I'm left with 95% of my Christmas shopping completed, and it's not even December yet. Do you know how often that has happened before?

NEVER. Not even close.

I'm feeling pretty jazzed about that :)

We ate and shopped and ate some more


It's been a full past few days.

2 kid's open house Thanksgiving parties at school. Check.
3 Thanksgivings. Check.
1 all-nighter shopping trip. Check. 
2 books read. Check.
2 evenings of friends over. Check.
4 movies watched. Check.
1 new board game learned. Check.
General lack of sleep and laundry washing. Check and check.

So. We had a great Thanksgiving. (All three times.) First with Russ's family, then with my family, and finally yesterday with our friends, the Cox family. And I can tell you that regardless of the small portions and no seconds that I stuck to, I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in holiday food this weekend.

Darn you sweet potatoes for your power over me!

Pictures from all three Thanksgiving meals. 
It was all so, so good. And so was the company!

The shopping was good too, if you don't mind a side of COMPLETE INSANITY. I'll be back to tell the tale tomorrow, when I'm not so hungover from turkey and three different kinds of dessert :)

What I Wore Wednesday No. 70


It's almost Thanksgiving and I'm ready to get my pumpkin pie on! Have a happy Turkey day guys :)

Here's what I wore this past week...

Left: Target cardy & jeans, Shade tee, Fred Meyer boots, Saturday market scarf.
Right: Charlotte Russe shirtdress, Old Navy cardy, Walmart leggings, Nordstrom cardy Uggs, thrifted belt.

Left: Thrifted turtleneck, Ross sweater vest, Target jeans, Walmart boots, SarieJune infinity scarf.
Right: Target top, Liz Claiborne skirt, Walmart leggings, Nordstrom cardy Uggs, Maurice's scarf.

Left: Old Navy dress and cardy, Walmart tights & boots, thrifted belt, craft bazaar homemade hat.
Right: Walmart bomber jacket & boots, Target sweater & skinny jeans, Ross shirt.

Can we all agree that I could do with a second pair of brown boots? I'm thinking YES. I'll definitely be on the lookout this Friday. (You betcha I'll be out with all the crazies!)

Linking to Lindsey again this week!
pleated poppy

All's well that ends well


Yesterday didn't start out so well. After a fun weekend full of birthday parties and going out with friends, Russ and I both came down with a stomach bug in the middle of the night and were 99% useless for the better part of the morning.

Don't stomach bugs just suck? There is almost nothing I dread more than throwing up.

(Gross side story: Once, when we still lived in New Zealand, my mother's whole family planned a surprise birthday weekend for my Grandma and rented a house to all stay in together for three days. It started out well but on the second day one of my cousins came down with the stomach flu and within 24 hours almost of us had it. There were eighteen of us. I'm pretty sure not a single one of us has forgotten that painfully memorable time.) 

Thankfully yesterday was nothing like that. The bug was short-lived and there was even an upside: Russ and I vegged in front of the fire and enjoyed a guilt-free afternoon of NOTHINGNESS with a side of naps. Then we both felt well enough to do the laundry and cook dinner, Russ left for basketball practice, and I played on Pinterest (did I mention I'm a recent addict?), and further planned the great shopping expedition that is to take place this coming Thursday at midnight. (It will be epic.)

To end my evening of productivity I spent two full hours on the phone with my sister-in-law talking about anything and everything, which was entirely relaxing and enjoyable. So while the day didn't start well it certainly ended much better. Perfectly actually.

Monday Confessional

First, some imformation: Jana and I signed up to be vendors at a Christmas bazaar in two weeks. Or, more accurately, Jana signed up because she's the crafty mama, I offered to be her assistant because it sounded fun and I wouldn't have to do the work, but then decided I could probably whip up some delicious treats to try to sell since I was going to be there anyway.

I do love to bake, remember.

And that's how I ended up going to a local holiday bazaar on Saturday to "scout" out the booths and get ideas and take notes. 

How many people can see where this is going? 

Remember when I talked about my little problem with the Costco sample tables and saying no to the food vendors? Apparently that problem is multiplied tenfold when talking to friendly folk selling their homemade wares. 

Because within the first 10 minutes I had already bought four things.


Or something like that.

The sad thing is I'm a selfish shopper. Did I buy Christmas presents or stocking stuffers or something that would actually be helpful towards sticking to our holiday budget? Oh no! I bought these goods instead:

 A knit hat. That I love. 

A bag of peppermint fudge. That may have come with a few more pieces than you see in the bag. Which I took a picture of  as soon as I got home. Mmmm.

Homemade soy candle melts for my Scentsy warmer! Sugar Cookie scented. I was pretty excited about these.

And a Pampered Chef small spatula. Not homemade but I lost my old one and it was discounted so I snapped it up happily.

And then ran away before all the vendors I'd rashly promised that I'd come back to spied me.

Hello, Insta-Friday


This week has flown by. Instead of blogging the past two days, I've been busy painting, grocery and Christmas shopping, attending my daughter's basketball game, hosting a visit from a friend, and catching up on some much needed sleep.

(Difficult to do when you're also reading two books and not wanting to miss this week's episodes of Survivor and The Office!)

Now I'm back with this week's phone pics, which I'm linking up to Jeannett for Insta-Friday
life rearranged

Target & Starbucks, a winning combination. Our Target happens to have a Starbucks inside, making it virtually impossible to resist. Well played, Target, well played. 

 Miley and buddy Max (the Doodle dogs) all ready to watch the Ducks/Vanderbilt game at our friends, the Nofs. Oh ho ho ho he ha .

Our favorite place in town to get Mexican food. Not joking. It's so good and the couple that run it are so sweet. 

 Blake down and out with a fever last weekend. Didn't matter what was going on around him, he was OUT COLD.

Kid also got a bloody nose out of the blue. What the heck? He thought he was COOL BEANS walking around with a tissue up his nose though, didn't phase him a bit. 

And look, more Blake! He accompanied me to the MAC counter at Nordstrom this week and thought the makeover chairs were just perfect for him. Fine by me... better to keep him out of touching

Ummm... delicious! Good in coffee or hot chocolate I've found. It's sad to admit, but I am the person that will have a cup of coffee just for the creamer, not the caffeine.

And on that sweet but pathetic note...
They're back and I'm in trouble!!!

Have a great weekend everyone :)  

What I Wore Wednesday and a movie trailer


It's slim pickings this week, folks. Only four outfits and nothing to get excited about either. I think my picture taking skills are getting worse too!

What I am excited about (and I mean SUPER excited) is this...

Have you read the books? The movie doesn't come out until next March so you have time... get cracking!

And now back to my ho-hum outfits.
Thrifted dress & shoes, Old Navy jeans, Shade tee, Target hat.
Target sweater and jeans, Old Navy shirt, Walmart boots, scarf bought at a Saturday market .
Loft sweater, thrifted tunic and Steve Madden flats, thrifted Old Navy jeans. Necklace was a gift from Hawaii.
Kohl's sweater, Old Navy dress, Walmart boots, necklace from SarieJune on etsy. 
Thanks for visiting, everyone. Happy "only one week till Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping!" (Yay :)

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pleated poppy

Blake gets his groove on


You guys. I uploaded a video clip. Small fries for most. Big fat baked potato for this non-techie mama!

(Also, I may be hungry.)

I give you Blake, the dancing dude.

My favorite part, besides his awesome dance moves of course, is when he tries to copy Russ's finger snapping, can't figure it out, and then claps instead without stopping his performance. Smooth!

(In case you're wondering what THE HECK we're listening to, it's a preset DJ track on Kendall's keyboard. Blake loves to get one started and then go get his groove on :)

(Oh, and please ignore the giant pile of stuff to the left... evidence of my massive clean sweep of the kids' room!)

The weekend report


Well there's not much to report, sadly. All plans came to a halt when Blake came down with a fever Friday night that didn't go away for the rest of the weekend.

Do you know how many TV shows you can get caught up on when you're stuck home all weekend with a slug-on-a-log three year old? (Five is the answer. I know, I was impressed too.)

I got my domestic on too, cooking and baking and keeping the house relatively clean... always a tricky thing on the weekend. Here's a few pics of what else went on...

Kendall stacked three cords of firewood all on her own. Earning herself $25 buck towards Kanani (yes, the American Girl dream lives on).

Russell and his buddy David built a 24 foot lean-to off our shop. In 3 days.

We got new rock for our driveway and it made for a fun game for these two.
(Until Daddy smoothed it out.)

Blake pretty much looked like this all weekend, poor guy.
 Kendall and cousin Maddy (we shipped in friends since we weren't going out) let me experiment on their hair... I give you the sock bun! 

And then Blake stole my camera and took the following 4 pictures...

Someone's finally feeling better!
CAUGHT! I sometimes wear leopard jammy pants all day long! (And I have a messy, unfinished laundry room.)

"Hey, you little camera stealer!" 
And that's the weekend report. Here's to a fever-free week :)

My favorite veteran


In honor of Veterans Day, I wanted to talk about my Papa, a World War II vet.

Harold Dale Wilson
This man was and will always be one of the most important men in my life. He passed away less than two months after I got married, and my Nanna says my upcoming wedding was the only reason he held on as long as he did.

I will always remember...
- His favorite snack: molasses flavored graham crackers in milk.
- His blue chair that he would never let Nanna get rid of.
- His amazing painting and beautiful finish work that he was known for, even with fused wrists from years of arthritis pain.
- The hope chest he built me for my 18th birthday.
- His vegetable garden.
- Playing pictionary with him and his frustration when no one could guess a particular drawing, "oh, fiddle!"
- His laugh.
- His famous meatballs.
- His most well-known exclamation, "well, shoot, Jeannie!" (that would be my Nanna ;)
- And my favorite... "What in tarnation?!"
- His love for the Lord and his family.

Yesterday I visited his grave site with Nanna.
It is an honor to be buried here, and it is breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL. 

Overlooking Portland.

My beautiful Nanna. 

It was such a special day, one I won't forget for a long, long time. 

I am thankful for all of those who have served our country. And I am thankful for the one I knew and loved so well. 

 I will see you again in heaven, Papa.