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What I Wore Wednesday - vacation edition


We arrived home yesterday from Sunriver - the Central Oregon resort town where we spent the last 5 days with my best friend Jana and her family. 


Yesterday was also my birthday - I turned 32. (Which isn't so bad except that I momentarily forgot my age and thought I was turning 31, and then felt pretty disappointed when my husband kindly pointed out my mistake.)

What's fun about having your birthday on your last day of vacation: getting presents from not just your family, but your friends, when you're still in your pajamas. 

What's not fun about having your birthday on your last day of vacation: spending 4 hours in the car driving back home, unpacking, realizing you have no groceries, and being too wiped to go anywhere to eat so you settle for toast for your birthday dinner.

Not that I'm complaining. After all Russell didn't get me just one, but two birthday cards to start my day off right. Showing that even though I got my birthday present earlier this month, he was honoring my high-maintenance demand fondest wish to always get a little something on the actual day of my birth.

Brownie points well earned, babe. 

And now for the outfits...

(day before leaving - grocery shopping for trip)
tee: Shade, coral top: Bass outlet, capris: Plato's Closet, sandals: Payless, necklace: gift from Mexico
(Vacation day 1 - took pic before heading out)
tee: Kohl's, capris: Calvin Klein (Costco), sandals: rummage sale
(day 2 - one of our many bike rides)
jacket: Nike (yard sale), cami: Diviine Modestee, capri's: Costco, running shoes: Adidas (Nordstrom Rack)
Saturday night
(evening at the Village - specifically, Goodies ice cream parlor ;)
top: Shade, skirt: Maurice's, sandals: rummage sale, bracelet: Premier Designs
(day 3 - at the pool)
swimsuit: Fred Meyers, coverup: Goodwill, sunnies: Target
(day 4 - trip to the Lava Caves and Bend for a little shopping before spending the evening in the Village)
tank: Old Navy, skirt: Gap (Goodwill), sandals: Target, belt: borrowed from Jana (I forgot to pack any)
(day 5 - headed home after packing and one last group bike ride)
On me: tee: Shade, tunic: BCBG outlet, capris: Old Navy (Goodwill), sandals: Target. On Jana: top: Ross, cami and capris: Kohl's, watch: World Market

I was pretty happy with my vacation outfits given the fact that I didn't go buy anything new for the trip, a shocking shift from my norm. 

(I did have a very successful shopping trip to Old Navy while on vacation... and am looking forward to wearing a couple of new things when we leave in 2 more days for camping. So I guess I'm back to my old self ;)

Yep, where off on another quick vacation over the Labor day holiday! Why not drag summer out as long as possible, right? :)

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Hello from Sunriver


We're nearing the end of our stay here in Sunriver... and as always I'm starting to get the "I don't want the vacation fun to end" blues.

It has been an excellent trip.

Multiple bike rides
3 turns down the waterslide
1 nose full of water
2 trips to Goody's ice cream parlor
1 shopping trip to Bend
3 late nights of games, movies, and hot tubbing
1 loooong trip down the lava caves
Too many lemon cream bars (if that's even possible)
One of the best vacations ever.

And 1 more day to go :)

(Grainy shots courtesy of my cell phone!)

Makin' me happy


- Finding my daughter lost in the world of reading on a warm summer evening.

- Starbucks coconut white mochas (nonfat, single shot, no whip, perfect). I believe I've talked about these before. I may have a problem.

- Online shopping for our soon-to-be-completed master bath to get design ideas... oh the possibilities!

- Our new puppy - she is the snuggliest, cuddliest, sweetest thing!

- The warm weather. I am not one of those "Fall is my favorite season" kind of girls. I'm all about SUMMER! (Which means I am very much dreading back to school in another week and a half.)

- Celebrating this guy's 34th birthday today.

 Happy birthday, husband! I wrote you a poem!

You are sexy, smart,
and sweet
You have really gigantic feet
 (It's true, he does. Size 13!)
You are my hero
in so many ways,
so I guess the big socks can stay.
(turned right-side-in of course, 
IN the laundry hamper ;)

- Leaving for a much anticipated vacation... today! Sunriver, here we come!

- The giant zit that developed smack dab in the middle of my forehead the day before leaving for vacation. Oh wait, that does NOT make me happy! (Or attractive!)

No matter, I shall ignore it and enjoy the next 5 days of vacation awesomeness... Happy weekend, friends!

Awkward & Awesome Thursday


1. Wandering outside in my shorty short pj's first thing in the morning to take the dog potty, and not noticing the Christmas tree workers trimming trees at the edge of my backyard until I was within 20 feet of them. With no bra on. Awkward, awkward, awkward.

2. Answering the door and talking to the drywall guy coming to give us a bid for our house addition and then checking to see how I looked in the mirror afterwards and making this unhappy discovery:
Nothing like a clip-on tie to spruce up your lounging tee.
Apparently Blake clipped this on me when he was climbing all over me like a monkey and I never noticed (I was on the computer and not paying very much attention. Obviously.) Stop laughing... this was very embarrassing, people!

3. Fiber One brownies. Not the eating of them, or the taste, which is unfortunately darned good for only 90 calories, but the after-effects. 
And If you're not sure what I refer to, just look at the first word in the name and take a wild guess. I'll leave it at that. (I would have to buy the giant box of them at Costco too!) 

1. Our master suite addition finally getting worked on again after a very lengthy hiatus due to THE TEETH WORTH MILLIONS. (Not really, maybe worth a year of college?). Yay for the end being in sight!

2. The glass subway tile I picked out for our bathroom back splash. There will be pictures next week hopefully... soooo excited about it!

3. Russ going to pick up this sweet bike trailer we found advertised for $50.00 on Craigslist (which is a great deal), and bringing it home for $35.00 :)  
Perfect for Sunriver!
The man has a gift, I tell ya.

What I Wore Wednesday


You may remember that Last Wednesday I introduced our new puppy, Miley. 

Yesterday we ventured into town and took her with us, and before we knew it we had become those people. 
You know, the ones that carry their dog into a store with them bold as brass and set up their puppy all comfy-cozy with a blanket in the shopping cart, as if they were a human baby. 

Don't ask me how we got to that point in one short week folks, we are still shaking our heads at ourselves.

(And then we look at our sweet Miley and coo and baby talk and cuddle and kiss and realize we are lost causes. So we're just going to have to embrace it.)

On to the outfits...

mid-week church service
dress & sandals: Target, tee: Shade, leggings: Walmart, belt: old old old, bracelet: Goodwill
park date with Jana and the kids
tanktop: Walmart, skirt/belt: Maurice's, sandals: Target, bracelet: gift from Hawaii
day at the fair
top: thrifted, shorts: made from old jeans, sandals: Target, bracelet: Premier Designs
 We finally broke into the 90 degree temps! Almost thought we weren't going to make it this year...

top: Target, skirt: Goodwill (Ann Taylor Loft), wedges: Walmart, necklace: Claire's, bracelet: Premier Designs
After receiving a compliment on my outfit from a lovely lady at church, I told her thank you, and that I felt very Betty Draper. The lady asked who that was and I realized I had no idea. "Oh, someone from television... I think..." and then I felt quite foolish.

I'm thinking iconic 60's fashion figure/actress/TV character? Feel free to enlighten me. 

prayer group
cardy: Kohl's, top: yard sale (Banana Republic), jeans: Goodwill (Old Navy), hat & sandals: Target, bracelet: gift.
dress and necklace: thrifted, cami: Shade, sandals: Target, bracelet: Premier Designs.

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I ate an entire elephant ear and I don't care who knows it!


Because that's what you do at the fair - you get an elephant ear. I'm pretty sure it's a requirement. 

What's not required, but is also delicious: BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and blended coffee drinks. Mmmm.

But enough about me! Our day at the county fair last Saturday was really all about Kendall. 

Kendall joined our local 4-H club this year and entered 6 items in the fair... earning herself 4 blue ribbons, 2 red ribbons, 2 champion ribbons, and 1 special award... along with $13.00 in prize money. Quite the haul for a ten-year-old!

Left to right: Kendall's skirt, poem, story, pastel drawing, pajama pants, and watercolor painting - which is going to the State Fair.
Saturday night was the fashion show, in which Kendall wore her pink skirt and "coordinating outfit" and posed on stage like a supermodel. 
I would show you pictures, except I don't have any.
I was videoing. 
And I'm nowhere near savvy enough to figure out how to put a video on my blog.

But here's a picture taken right after... Kendall is smiling mostly in relief that it was over because, Girlfriend was NERVOUS!

It was the cutest thing you've ever seen.

We also enjoyed watching a juggling comedian, the flying K-9 show, visiting all the animal barns (very Charlotte's Web), browsing the shopping booths, and some live music.

(We decided to forgo the carnival since we'd just spent the day at Oak's Park 4 days prior. That, and the rides were about as exorbitant as the cost of gasoline.)

Watching the juggling act.
This guy was impressive!
With Grandma and Grandpa, who came to support the little fashionista.
OH and let's not forget about those elephant ears. Reason alone to go to the fair in my books.

Teri and Mum think so too.

A married dialog


Remember the crawdad feed we had a couple of weeks ago? The one where we boiled 120 crawdads in our new crab pot on the back porch? 

After the boiling water was empty of the cooked crawdads, I watched Russ take the pot and walk out several feet into our yard. Seeing where this was going I quickly tried to intervene...

Me, alarmed: "Don't dump the water in the grass, Babe, it will kill it!"

Russ, scoffing: "No it won't. Grass can handle a little hot water."

Me, now also scoffing, but refraining from calling my husband crazy: "No it can't, it'll make it die."

Russ, pouring out water anyway: "It'll be fine..."

Me, in annoying sing-song voice: "No it wo-ooont..."


I'm sure you can guess what happened.

"The Spot"
That's right, two days later I walked out to find this lovely patch of completely dead grass. 

Dead as dead can be.
Now, I'm not a grass nazi and I don't really care that there's a dead spot, our lawn is huge and it's just one spot. What I DO care about is being right, and making sure my husband knows it ;)

So of course I had to lay out on a blanket with a book in the nearby shade so that when Russ came home and walked over to talk to me I could kindly point it out to him in. 

Russ: "Hi, honey, whatcha doing?"

Me: Oh, just hanging out. Hey babe, notice anything peculiar when you look around?

Russ (glances around quickly): "Ummm...  OH, niiiice." (laughs sheepishly)

Me (grinning wickedly): "Not to tell you I told you so or anything, but um, I TOLD YOU!!!"

And Russ had no comeback. 

And then we held hands and talked about our day and all was right in the world.

Because the lady is always right :)

A fun-filled day of parks and puppies


Kristie with her girls Sarah and Grace, and us.

This past Tuesday my friend Kristie and I took our kids to Oaks Park for the day, a Portland area amusement park. We wanted to get an early start so we planned to meet there at 9:30 am sharp (translation: as close to 10:00 am as possible). 

Fact: It's always a good idea to check online for park info about the day you're going... in case you show up and find they are having a special PRESCHOOL ONLY morning, for 6-year-olds and younger. 

Bummer Summer. 

We decided to pay the entrance for Blake and Kristie's 3-year-old daughter, Grace, so they could go on all the kiddie rides while waiting for the full park to open to the general public at noon. Kendall, Cooper, and Sarah (Kristie's older daughter) were excellent sports about this, watching from the sidelines, and we rewarded them with delicious deep-fried carnival food and cotton candy for lunch.

(Or at least, that was our excuse so we could eat some ourselves.)

And then the real fun began!


Kendall braved her first full-loop coaster and lived to tell the tale, while Cooper was kicked out of the line for being too short. He made up for it by going on the Screamin' Eagle however, something his sister was not quite up for. And Kristie and I made sure to get our fill of rides too, since we won't have great equilibrium forever.

After every ride Cooper would announce that he "hated it!" and was "never going on it again!". 5 minutes later he'd decide, "actually, that was kinda fun". And then 5 minutes after that it was, "Awesome! My favorite ride EVER!".

Fact: Cooper loves roller coasters after the initial terror has faded from his memory.

We had a really fun day and came home exhausted, only to leave again within an hour to go visit some puppies!

(My years of putting off getting a dog because I had children in diapers were finally over after Blake was potty trained in March. I'd dragged it out as long as I could, 12 years in fact, and the time had come; Russell declared this "the summer of the puppy.")

Fact: I am not a natural-born animal lover. I'm sorry. It's just the way it is.

But after a lengthy process of searching online, I decided what kind of dog I was willing to put up with I thought I would like, and we set up an appointment for 6:00 pm in Portland to see some mini schnoodle puppies that would be ready to take home Sept. 3rd.

Fact: mini schnoodles are a mini schnauzer/mini poodle mix - making for a small, non-shedding, affectionate, kid-loving, easily trained, extremely intelligent dog. Or so they say.

Back to our appointment Tuesday night though, when I did a last minute check online before leaving, we found a new listing for schnoodles much closer to home and for HALF THE PRICE. They were ready to go home immediately, and we drove there first "just to see them". In the process we forgot Blake's shoes at home because we got him up from a quick nap to go, and while out, one of Russ's flip flops broke and he couldn't wear it anymore.

Fact #1: We looked like rednecks.

Fact #2: It is virtually impossible to visit adorable puppies and not buy one.

Which is how we left with a new puppy and not a single thing for it yet! Never fear, off to Petco - with a still-shoeless Blake and single-sandalled husband, to buy $90.00 worth of puppy food and equipment!

Fact #1: We still looked like rednecks, DANG IT.

Fact #2: Despite our questionable appearance, Petco loooved us because we bought whatever they said to. 

And we didn't mind either... we were all in puppy-love and totally besotted by our sweet new girl.

We still are. She's the sweetest thing ever.

(translation: we're still in the baby puppy/sleeps all the time stage... check back later for my thoughts on toddler puppies ;)

What I Wore Wednesday


Well I'm quite delayed in posting today, mainly because, WE GOT A PUPPY!! 

(It has been quite exciting around here.)

But better late than never, right? 

Welcome to another What I Wore Wednesday! 

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pleated poppy

Last Wednesday
rummage sale with Mum, dinner out
tank: Target - passed from friend, capri's: Fred Meyers - about 14 years ago!!, sandals: rummage sale, jewelry: Premier Designs
grocery shopping
Dress & sandals: Target, cami: Downeast Basics, belt: rummage sale
outdoor church service (with my adorable friend, Nicole)
my dress: Gap (free from consignment store), sandals: payless, necklace: etsy. Nicole's dress & sandals: Target, necklace: Forever 21, watch: Nordstrom
Girls night out (to see The Help!)
dress: consignment: jeans: Target, shoes: Famous Footwear, belt: rummage sale

Amusement park with the kids, puppy picking with the family
tank: Walmart, skirt: Liz Claiborne outlet, sandals: Target, bracelet: Goodwill
And of course you need to see our new baby, right?
Meet Miley the "schnoodle" :)
We love her TO PIECES.
Thanks for stopping by!

The Help


Saw it.

Loved it. 

Cried a bajillion tears.

 With TWENTY girlfriends.

(If you're going to cry and laugh out loud all movie long, why not do it with a bunch of other women who are all doing the exact same thing?)

Those of us that read the book first...
And some of those that didn't (but still LOVED the movie).
How a little word of mouth can go a loooonngg way - almost everyone who went.
Had one of the best girls nights out Eva

Yogurt Shack helped ;)

(And let's be honest, so did the Breaking Dawn movie trailer... woohooo!)