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Goodwill soulmates, questionable drivers


Yesterday, my sister-in-law Cara and I traveled an hour and a half south to Corvallis with a car full of kiddos to watch our nephew play baseball. (His team lost their first state game and it was kinda sad, but it's double elimination and they played again this morning and 10-runned the other team so the Vikings are still in the tournament!)

GORGEOUS day for baseball in Corvallis!

ANYWAY. After the game Cara and I decided to hit a few thrift stores in town, which turned out to be super trendy consignment stores. As in, $15.00 and up per item. Not bad prices for the the types of stores they were and the brands they had, but not the kind of thrifting we were looking for. So we headed back to Albany to find the giant Goodwill we passed on the way down and after about 5 wrong turns it showed up! We were quite proud. 

Time we entered the store: 6:30 pm.
Time store closed: 9:00 pm. 
Time we exited the store: 9:07 pm.

Don't ever go to the Goodwill with Cara and I. You'll never get out of there. 

If I'm not on a time schedule, my motto is "We leave when the kids are done" and sometimes they'll last for an hour. But with cousins together, a well-stocked toy isle, and a great book section, the kids were just fine and dandy, so Cara and I got to shop the whole store, and then try on about 30 or so items each. 

Totally not what we normally get to do and totally fun!
Some cute new things! Also purchased: shorts for my kids, sandals for Kendall, and Pictionary - the best board game of all time.
Oh and this dress/swimsuit cover, which I wore today. (Trying a new hairstyle - don't laugh)
Total spent: $41.00. WELL worth it.

By the time we were done we were famished and ready to find Dairy Queen for a late dinner and dessert treat for the kids. After stopping at a Dutch Brothers coffee stand for directions, we only circled town 3 times, drove into one dead-end park, two dead-end streets, and took one accidental turn into a wrong-way lane before finding it! Again, we did ourselves proud!

Don't ever go driving in a strange town with Cara and I. You'll want to strangle us WELL before you reach your desired destination. Which you may or may not ever reach.

To complete our evening of misadventure, we missed our exit off the freeway to get back home because we were chatting instead of paying attention, and had to drive 9 miles further to take the next one. 

All the better for making our fun outing together last a bit longer, we say!

Dear Cara, 
Thank you for being my Goodwill soulmate.
I had a SPLENDID time.
Love, Jodi

10 Things (random edition)


1. A recent mini-project: fixing and painting this picnic table that Russ picked up last summer for $20.00. It has been invaluable to us since we got it, but not the prettiest thing. Or sturdiest.
Before (well, during)
We used this oil based paint/stain because it was leftover from a play structure Russ painted, and therefore free. Now Russ is going to drill a hole down the middle big enough to put a huge crank-open umbrella in it - so excited!

2. While I was finishing painting the table yesterday morning, Blake went on a mini run of terror. Within 1/2 an hour he had:

- scribbled all over our front door with a builders pencil.
- plugged our bathroom sink to play with toys in the water and then left the sink running and left the room, flooding the entire floor and underneath my counter, where apparently the sink run off hole empties into.
- left a nice skid mark in his underwear, decided to change himself into his swim trunks, in my bedroom, on the floor, and transferred said skid onto my carpet.
- Ewww.
- I was not pleased.

3. Tortilla Land raw tortillas - have you tried them yet? SOOO easy. After the 4th one Kendall was making them on her own. 30 seconds each side on a hot fry pan, no oil, no butter, nothin'. Super hot, super YUM.

4. My current guilty pleasure.

Hot mocha with a little creamer. I bough the creamer as a special treat for Sunriver, but when that trip didn't happen I couldn't let this lovely stuff sit all lonely in the fridge!

5. We spent the afternoon at the pool yesterday afternoon with Tricia and Cara and most of their kids. Thank you Safeway for free swim coupons on the back of our receipts! When we came back home my kids bee-lined it for... our pool. Oh, to be young and never ever swimmed-out.  

6. Last night Russ and I had nursery duty at church. 4 one and a half to almost two year olds. 3 boys, 1 girl. The three boys played and fought over every car/lego/toy hammer/ball you could find and the little girl found 4 dollies and held them tight all evening - while standing at the play kitchen.

Gender predisposition anyone? So funny.

7. Today we're off to my nephew's State playoff baseball game in Corvallis. Go Derek! (This will be the first game we've attended this year, so the hour and a half drive is worth it to make the last-minute attempt to look like semi-supportive family members ;)

8. Last night Mum and I went on a spontaneous late-night grocery shopping trip to the Walmart Supercenter in Woodburn. I shopped there for years before switching over to Winco & Target in Clackamas because it was closer to Costco, but last night was like returning home.

I forgot how HUGE there selection of EVERYTHING was. I Picked up so many things I haven't found anywhere else and several things I hadn't seen before... yet came under budget. Always a successful way to end an evening. (That and the mini Ben & Jerry's ice cream cups we enjoyed on the way home :)

9. And now I can't think of two more things to make it to 10.

10. So I'll call this good :)

What I Wore Wednesday - 4 dresses & a skirt


This is the start of year TWO of participating in WIWW... let's hope I have as many new fashion ventures this year as I did last!

(I would like to hope for a DSLR camera and better pictures as well, but really, I'm not holding my breath so you shouldn't either...) 

last Wednesday
(mom's group)
cardy: Target, tank: Walmart, skirt: thrifted (Apostrophe), sandals: Payless, necklace: Bass outlet
(garage sale adventuring)
dress & bracelet: thrifted, cami: Diviine Modestee, sandals: Payless, necklace: Premier Designs
I kid you not... Russ, me, and the kids piled in the car at 9 am (after I got dressed and ready to go in 10 minutes flat!) and came back home at 4 o'clock in the AFTERNOON.

Yes, we are aware that we have a real sickness. 

Also, my dress was amazingly comfortable all day. Long live the knit maxi!

dress: thrifted for FREE (Gap), heels: Payless, necklace: SarieJune etsy store, bracelet: Premier Designs
dress: Ross, leggings: Walmart, wedges & jewelry: Target
(parenting class)
dress & flats: Old Navy, jeans (also Old Navy) & belt: thrifted, earrings: Forever 21

I'm linking to The Pleated Poppy!
pleated poppy

Kendall stories


So close to 10 years old she can almost taste it!

Recently Kendall told me about the book of Revelation in the bible and suggested that I take a look at it.

"I think you'd like it, Mom."

Bless her heart, she thought I'd never read it. When I told her that I'd read the entire bible several times through, ever since I was a teenager, the look of astonishment on her face made me laugh out loud.

Retelling this story to friends yesterday reminded me of a couple of my favorite "Kendall stories" from when she was preschool age...

Kendall was about 3 years old and having a bath when she discovered a small clump of hair on the side of the tub that I'd removed from the drain after my shower and then forgot to throw away. I heard hysterical crying and ran into the bathroom to find Kendall frantically trying to reattach the hair to her own head... thinking all her hair had fallen out.

It took my quite a while to stop laughing enough to calm her down!

Sometime around the same age, I found Kendall in her bedroom looking out the window. I looked out with her and commented that there were no birds outside today.
"They must have flown south for the winter", I said. 
"No", she replied, "they went to Walmart."

When Kendall was 4 years old and painting on her little craft table in the kitchen she came into the living room and said, "Mom, I have a little problem in here..." so I came to see how I could help.

Turns out the "little problem" was that she'd PAINTED giant colored circles on my KITCHEN WALL. 

Oh Kendall... 
Cinderella Kendall age 3
Good thing she was such a doll, even back then!

I can't believe I'm going to have a 10 year old. That's a decade of life with Kendall... the sweetest blessing God could have ever given me :)  

Playing hard


We've had 80+ degree weather folks! Its an Oregon summer 2011 miracle. 

While it sure would have been nice to be swimming in the pool at Sunriver this past weekend, a little hitch in the works caused our vacation with friends to be rescheduled, and all of a sudden our weekend opened up.

Something doesn't look quite right, does it?
That would be the broken arm of Dylan, T.J. and Jana's son. The arm that he broke AS WE WERE PACKING TO LEAVE Thursday afternoon.

What are the odds?!! Poor guy!

It was an emotional day, not to mention chaotic, what with trying to help any way we could and also figure out what to do ourselves and whether we could get a refund or find another date to go. (Which we did, yay! The vacation plan lives on!)

But in the meantime, now what to do? 

Yard sale from 9-4 pm straight on Friday (I fear we have a real sickness) with the whole fam plus Emily, Dylan's little sister, stopping for coffee, quesadillas,  and a surprise visit to play with some puppies. 

Have dinner with Russ's parents and sister, enjoying a lovely outdoor steak dinner on the back deck. 

A little late night movie watching cuddled on the couch (saw Unknown. Liked it. Lots.)

Saturday morning... raspberry picking with Blake. A fun sidekick but not what you'd call "helpful".
the collages are back!

Then a lovely wedding in Corvallis that I was so glad not to miss after all.

Gorgeous church in Corvallis, Oregon
Hello, Mr. McHandsome!

So fun celebrating our friends Travis and Denae's big day with them, plus catching up with old friends.

After church on Sunday we had a BBQ lunch at my parents for my Dad's birthday, and then went and visited the little convalescent.


While on the way to Walmart with Mum at 8:15 pm to pick up dad's birthday gift from us all, Russ called to see if we wanted to abort our mission and all go see Captain America with my cousin Linley and her new hubby Mike at 9:30 pm instead.

You betcha! Mum and I LOVE spontaneous fun!

Within 1/2 an hour we had returned home, called my Dad and had him come meet us, got a babysitter for Blake (who needed to go to bed) and Kendall (who didn't want to see the movie), and were on our way!

It's hard to say what Cooper loved more... getting to go out to a movie wtih us on his own, or the actual movie, which he dubbed "the best movie I've ever seen!".

I don't know if I'd go that far, but I enjoyed it... especially the ending, and the sneak peek after the credits were over, which I may or may not have actually clapped at (I got caught up in the remaining crowd's enthusiasm, ok?)

And that's how we played hard at home instead of at Sunriver and still had a GREAT weekend :)

God's goodness (and fun yard sale finds)


For surely, O LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield. (Ps 5:12)

What does God's favor look like for us these days?

- Russ needing a new archery target for his bow and finding this one... brand new, never used, worth $80.00 + shipping online, at a garage sale for THREE DOLLARS. 

- Needing a bike rack for our vehicle to haul our bikes on vacation to Sunriver, OR (the land of endless bike trails) and finding an awesome one that holds 4 bikes at a garage sale for EIGHT DOLLARS. The same rack that is worth around $100.00 in stores.

- Wanting a bigger bike for Coop because the one he had for the last 2 years was looking a little small under him, and finding this Mongoose brand one at a neighbor's yard sale for $30.00, when they cost over $100.00 new in stores. 

(all of the above items were found by Russell... the walking, talking, yard sale-deal-finding MAGNET.)

- Hitting a garage sale in town that just so happened to have new and near-new Nike clothing in both Russ and my sizes and getting a big bagful for $13.00. (The lady running the sale worked for Nike.)
(Russ was especially excited about this U of O jacket :)

- Falling in love with a cute Gap dress in a local consignment store, it fitting like a glove and husband telling me I HAVE to get it, only to be heartbroken to find that the side zipper is slightly broken, but showing the store owner and having her give me the dress. As in, FOR FREE. My awesome Mum fixed the zipper in five minutes flat.

Yay, for cute new dresses! (And mothers that can sew!)

- Getting a steady flow of people at our garage sale last Saturday even though it was raining on and off all day long, and making enough money to pay off another big chunk of my dental bill.  (The astronomical one.)

- Russ going to the dentist's office to pay off said chunk of bill, and then getting the remaining $900.00 we owe COMPLETELY WAIVED by our dentist.

My teeth are finally paid off! Woo-hoo!!

My point?

God is good! Give glory to Him!

What I Wore Wednesday - my one year anniversary!


It's official. 

I've been participating in WIWW for an Entire. Year. Now. 

If you go back to my first ever What I Wore post, you'll see that part of the reason I even started blogging was so I could participate in Lindsey's weekly link party - I enjoyed reading it that much!

And I've enjoyed doing it even more. Looking back over the 300+ outfit pictures I now have on my computer, it's pretty fun to see the slow growth of my style... not just in the actual getting dressed daily (which was the initial point, and turned out to be hugely successful), but in the trends I've tried and picked up on and the better sense of my own style that I've gained.

After the first couple of months I worried that I'd soon run out of clothing options and would start re-wearing all the same outfits, making the picture-taking kind of pointless. Even over the past few months I've thought the same thing several times. But you know what? I keep coming up with new outfits/combinations all the time, and I'm finding that my little shopping purchases here and there (the ones I always wish could happen more often and involve more spending money) have turned out to be more than enough to refresh my wardrobe and keep me feeling like I have something cute to try.

So yay for WIWW! And thank you, Lindsey, for keeping it up yourself so I can continue joining in.  (And all you other awesome ladies too, who link up and give me outfit inspiration on a weekly basis!)

And now, despite all that I just rambled on about regarding my emerging style and so on, I give you what could possibly be the shortest and most boring week of outfits ever! (Except #2. That one I liked :)
1. Last Wed - evening church service
shirt: Ross, shorts: cut off jeans, sandals: Target.

(Insert photo break for prepping and running a yard sale, and then recovering from a yard sale.)
2. Monday - grocery shopping & evening parenting class.
Dress: Target, tee: Shade, scarf: Maurice's, belt: OLD, leggings: Walmart, sandals: rummage sale.
3. Tuesday - workout with a friend.
running jacket: Nike (yard sale), yoga capris: Costco, tennies: Addidas (Nordstrom Rack)

In honor of a year of WIWW posts, I thought it would be fun to recap some of the new things I tried during the last 12 months... things I tried because of the inspiration I got from other What I Wore posts.

First belted cardy, first scarf worn as a summer accessory, first flower pin.

 First skinny jeans, first belted tunic and first layered necklace, first maxi dress.

First leggings with a dress, first belted button-down shirt and first riding boots, first riding boots with a skirt.

First belted vest, first brown/black combo (this was BIG for me!), first infinity scarf. 

First checkered shirt and first shirt under a buttoned cardy, first shirtdress, first summer type dress over tights for a winter outfit.

First fabric flower necklace.

 First flower pin attached to scarf (directly from Lindsey's scarf tying tutorial :)

First open toe bootie style wedge.

First dress over non-skinny style jeans, first "fancy" necklace over denim shirt, first belt tied differently than the normal way.

 First jeans made into shorts!
First floral top (since 9th grade ;), first "bright" accessory with different bright colored clothing item (don't know quite how to describe this right... normally I would have worn a brown or silver necklace with this outfit - to match either my belt or shoes. So this was new for me!) And finally, first blouse/shirt tucked in to a pencil skirt.

I'd say I've learned quite a lot this past year! 

I know fashions and trends are always changing, and my goal isn't to be current with whatever trend is "in" right now, but rather try things out and see what I like and what fits into my sense of style while actually being a good look for my body. (Hello belted waists, goodbye  bulky knit sweaters.) Participating in this weekly link up has been a great way for me to do just that, and the cool thing is I had no idea that would happen when I joined in last July as a way to motivate myself to get out of my sweats (and into my bra ;).

So check out What I Wore Wednesday and get some inspiration for yourself! I highly recommend it :)
pleated poppy