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Monday confessional - worrying about the stupid stuff


This past weekend, among fun things like a State playoff basketball game, Kendall's end of season basketball tournament, and a friend's birthday party, I lost my camera. (At the aforementioned state playoff game actually.)

Then a pipe burst in our half-finished master suite house addition and it flooded the entire room. With stale stinky water that had been sitting in the pipes. There was no shut off at the pipe, so Russ had to shut off the water to our entire house to get the water to stop pouring in. This occurred at the same time we were supposed to be leaving for the (also aforementioned) birthday party. 

So here I was, dealing with the frustration of a possibly stolen camera, no running water, a very stinky smell, and being late to a party that we had rsvp'd to, and ALL I could think about was the 30 or so "What I Wore Wednesday" outfit pictures on my camera and the embarrassment I would feel if whoever had my camera looked at them and saw nothing but pictures of myself posing in front of a mirror in multiple outfits. Because, what would they think of me?!
Umm, shallow much?

The honest truth is that I care waaaay too much about what other people think. (Of me, or of my husband, of my home... the list goes on.)

The good news is that the pipe is now fixed and our water is running, my Scentsy candle warmer was a miracle worker and made my house smell delicious, we continued on to the party and had a great time, and it was discovered there that my camera was found, by the birthday girl herself of all people, who follows my blog and knows about my What I Wore posts.
(Huge sigh of relief) 

I love that feeling you get when you realize you were worrying about nothing... it hits right before the embarrassment of being worried in the first place. Right now I feel like it was pretty much a great weekend :)

We barely made it out alive


Thankfully SNOW THREAT 2011 is over and we made it through. 

Just barely though. 

Don't let the paltry amount of snow on the ground fool you, folks. It was dangerous, dangerous I say! 

Okay, I didn't say that, the news and schools did, shutting most everything down. Much to everyone's delight in this household! Here's what we did:

- played in the snow bright and early because we are smart Oregonians and knew it would all be gone in a matter of hours (which it totally was).

- drank hot chocolate

- watched movies

- took naps

- were generally lazy and slothful, to the point that we (okay, me) didn't even want to fix dinner and ordered Chinese takeout instead.

It goes without saying of course that it was an awesome day. 

Before bed everyone pitched in to put the house back together and while Cooper was re-stacking all the shoes on the laundry room floor back onto the shelving unit we have in there, I overheard him talking to himself: 

"I'm going to take care of this little lady I like to call the laundry room"

And with that my day got even awesomer. (Yes, that is a word.) 

I think I'll pass on the entree


Last night Russ and I worked in the church nursery during the mid-week service. 

I can't tell you that we look forward to our once a month stint of nursery duty, but considering the other options in kids church ministry, it's about as light-duty as you can get. Plus, we've put our children in the nursery for a combined total of 9 years now so we're more than willing to pull our weight. 

Blake is about to end his part of that total. Next month he turns three and will move on to bigger and better things in the preschool class. And I'll tell you right now that they are going to LOVE him in there... he all but took over the care of the five other babies/toddlers in our room last night and was almost as helpful as having Kendall or Cooper in there with us would have been. 

Except he can't pick up the babies, and trust me, he's tried. 

And he does still occasionally have a problem with sharing. 

And he has the bad habit of stuffing pacifiers back into babies mouths, with great force if necessary, no matter how many times a little one spits it back out. He's nothing if not determined. 

But he can talk well, calling the babies highly miss-pronounced versions of their real names and telling them "no" repeatedly whenever they try to touch something he's playing with. 

He also told me last night, when I commented on his playing with two baby dolls in the toy kitchen, that he was cooking them for dinner. 

"You're cooking them dinner, Blake?"

"NO, they ARE dinner!"

*he then proceeded to show me how to pretend to eat them*

So, nothing to be alarmed about preschool teachers! Enjoy your time with our son! We'll all miss him so in the nursery...

What I Wore Wednesday


Happy What I Wore Wednesday, friends.

I'm linking to The Pleated Poppy - where I used to check out every single link on Wednesdays without fail, but now barely make it through a quarter of them because the list just keeps a growin' and growin'! So many great dressers out there, so little time to check them all out:(

Thank you, to those of you who make it to mine.

vest: rummage sale
turtleneck: Shade
jeans: Levi's - Kohl's
sneakers: Nike
hat: Kmart

ruffle tank: Old Navy
cardigan and jeans: Target
boots: Walmart
belt: yard sale
necklace: Claire's

top: Shade
jeans: Levi's
sneakers: Nike
scarf: Kmart
flashing child: mine

dress: Target
tee: Shade
cardigan: Old Navy
leggings: Walmart
Uggs: Nordsrom
belt: OLD

turtleneck: Shade
wrap sweater: Old Navy
jeans: Gap - Goodwill
flats: Walmart
necklace: Wet Seal
bracelet: Target

shirt: Old Navy
cardigan: Old Navy - yard sale
jeans: Lauren Conrad - Kohl's
boots: Walmart
necklace: Plato's Closet

You'll notice there was no Monday, that's because it was President's Day. President's Day = no school and no plans = no where to go = no need to get dressed = a GREAT day. 

A little math "Jodi style" for ya. Enjoy your day!

Basketball and prayer - welcome to my life.


The Lady Cougars
Last Thursday night ended the season for Russ's basketball team - they made it to the district playoffs in McMinnville and lost. Just getting there was a victory however, they are a young team and I was so proud of how they played and really look forward to seeing what they do the next couple of years.

But just like that our Friday nights are free again (not to be confused with our Saturday mornings, which are currently full with Kendall's 3rd/4th grade basketball season). We spent ours at Erik and Tricia's with David and Carmajo, eating sweet 'n sour wings, apple crisp, and playing Settlers of Catan and Canasta. AND TALKING ABOUT BASKETBALL.  

We have to wean Russ off slowly.

The good news is that the boys team is still going strong so Saturday night we were back in McMinnville again, this time for the district championship game, which the boys won. Sweet! Celebration time at Pizza Hut afterward and a State playoff game to look forward to this week. If the boys make it to the State finals in Baker City we are totally jumping on that band wagon and going along.

Sunday afternoon we hung out at the in-laws with the whole clan, keeping up a valued annual tradition - family prayer day. We talk about things we are thankful for from the past year, things we are praying for in the upcoming year, and this year we added a new twist: putting together a time capsule to open again in 5 years. All the kids wrote out a short "about me" and their own prayer requests, and added mementos, pictures they'd drawn, etc.

It will be really fun to tease them over those look over those when they are all teenagers.

"The family that prays together, stays together" - our family motto
Just kidding about the motto. We don't actually have one. But if we did I'm sure it would involve being loud. We've got that down pat.

All together, physically AND via photoshop :)

Monday confessional - how I clean


You know those people that write out a list of chores and diligently work through them item by item, determined and on task until they feel the satisfaction of completion? 

I do too. I'm not one of them of course, but I know a few. 

For myself, it works much more like this...

I wake up determined to SEIZE THE DAY!

I start the ball rolling right away, not even taking the time to make a list. I'm on the move, people!

I carry something into a room to put it away and start cleaning that room. 

Then I take a break to go to the bathroom, spray my bathtub with Comet bathroom cleaner, and let it sit for the prerequisite 10 minutes while I fix Blake breakfast.

This of course leads to loading the dishwasher and tidying the kitchen.

Until a fight breaks out in the ranks and my presence is required in the children's room. 

Which I start organizing. 

Which leads to putting hair things that were STOLEN by my 9 year old daughter back in my room where they belong, and I start working on that room. 

And on the cycle continues until an hour later when I walk back into my bathroom and remember: "The bathtub cleaner!" and smack my forehead and start scrubbing. 

This is usually where the list comes in. It's time to stop the chaos. 

So I sit down at my computer desk and start by writing down all the things I've done already because the only fun thing about a list is crossing items off it. 

And then I quickly check my email. And immediately get sucked into facebook and blog land. 

Until I realize I need to be out the door in 45 minutes and I haven't even showered yet. 

And then Blake calls urgently from the kitchen where he's being playing in the sink with his plastic animals...

And I find this:

With water flowing across the floor like the river Nile. 

THAT'S how I clean.
Yes, it's working out quite well for me thank you, why do you ask?

New artist in the house


Cooper came home from school yesterday with this doodled drawing in his folder:

Where he finds the time during the school day to do stuff like this I have no idea. 2nd grade must be rough!

Cooper called it his backwards monster truck and I thought it was pretty cool, not even realizing that it actually says "BackW" in the scroll work on the truck bed until I uploaded the picture to my computer. 

I told him it was awesome of course (because that's what mothers do), and asked if I could take a picture of it for my blog. I know how good that makes him feel... huge grins.

Kendall however, sighed heavily, "I guess I'm not the artist of the family any more."

Um, not sure where that came from. But before I could reassure her she perked herself right back up (she's awesome at that)...

"That's okay, I'll be the crafty one!"

Atta girl!

(Now's NOT the time to tell her that if her 4-H sewing club were a graded activity I'm pretty sure she'd be flunking about now. Girlfriend's a leeetle crazy at the sewing machine wheel.)

Where did he get that stubbornness from anyway?


I would like to invite you all to commiserate with me in my pain... the pain I feel about my sweet little toddler turning into a boy... a boy that doesn't want to cuddle with me while he watches a movie, but rather tells me that he needs me to "go to the ... ummmm... the bathwoom."

"The bathroom?" I ask, "Blake, do you just want to sit by yourself?"



His favorite thing right now is to try and tell me that he's the boss. 

And when I say "Mommy's the boss", he says "No, I'm the boss of you!"

Oh-ho-ho, we'll just see about that!

Stubborn is what he is. The other day at a basketball game he was being a bit of a stinker so I made him sit in the seat next to me until he could show me his "happy face". It didn't take him long so I said he could go play again, but when he wanted to get out past me and I asked him to say "excuse me please" instead of just pushing (something we're working on right now), he refused.


I kid you not. No fits, no tantrums. Just an utter refusal to say please. Every 5 minutes he would push against my legs and I would remind him "say excuse me, Blake", and he would look up at me and then turn around and sit back down. Amazing. 

Reminds me of one of my parents favorite stories to tell about me when I was Blake's age. 

Apparently we were at the home of some friends and while playing there I had taken my socks off. When it was time to leave my Dad told me to go pick up my socks and bring them to him so he could help me put them back on. But I didn't want to go get them. He asked again. I said no. He took me over to the socks. I refused to bend down and pick them up. So he "helped me", putting my hand over the socks and squeezing my wrist, gently at first and them a little firmer, until I finally picked them up.

And threw them across the room. 

Ha ha ha, I wish there was a video of that. I always love hearing that story. Until I am faced with my own little stubborn almost 3 year old and then I feel very, very sorry for my parents.

Really, I'm so sorry about that Dad.

Blake has also been up to his old tricks again:

2 Samuel 23, emphasis by Blake.
 I have no idea when this even happened. But I will give Blake props, for the most part he managed to avoid scribbling all over the Word of God and just got the margins.

And I'll take that as improvement, so maybe his growing up isn't so terribly bad after all.

What I Wore Wednesday


Happy Wednesday friends! 

Let's recap the past week's outfits shall we?  My love for yellow continues... be forewarned!

 Thursday: grocery shopping
dress: Goodwill
cardigan: Old Navy - yard sale
leggings and boots: Walmart

necklace: SarieJune (Yes! She opened an etsy store!!)

Friday: basketball games
Top and wrap sweater: Old Navy
jeans: Target
boots: Walmart
belt: yard sale
earrings: gift

 Saturday: Valentine's date night!
(to see our blast to the past rollerskating adventure click here.)
tunic: BCBG outlet
cardigan: Old Navy - yard sale
leggings: Walmart
boots: from a friend
necklace Fred Meyers

 Sunday: church
dress: Old Navy
cardigan: same as yesterday
belt: rummage sale
boots Walmart
necklace: same as Saturday

 Monday: prayer, Jana's to hang out
plaid shirt: Costco
wrap sweater: Old Navy
jeans: Gap - Goodwill
flats: Ross

Tuesday: bible study, basketball playoffs
shirt: Dress Barn outlet
jeans: same as yesterday
flats: Old Navy
flower pin: SarieJune

Honestly I don't know what I'm going to do when basketball season is over. As my friend Therese and I discussed earlier in the week... who else will we dress up for in our cutest outfits, other than all our friends we see at the games each week? ;)

To see other What I Wore posts check out The Pleated Poppy, where I'm linking up.

V-Day take two


The Valentine's fun didn't end Saturday night. Even if we celebrate a holiday, anniversary, or birthday on a different day, we still do cards and a little something on the actual day. 

Because it's THE RULE. 

(I'm very high-maintenance that way.)

So without further ado... pics from last night's family festivities... with commentary. I know, Fascinating!

The card on the left is from Russ to the kids, the card in the back is my (beautifully singing) card to Russ, and the lily plant and the card on the right are for me. 

Important side note: This card was for adult eyes only on the inside and had to be immediately whisked away while the kids were distracted. Nice one honey!

The Cadbury cream eggs were also for me, Russ pulled them out of his pockets at the end of our gift giving to my great delight. (He hasn't known me for 15+ years for nothing!)
Also, there was originally 4 of them.
And now there are only 2. 

The kids were called to dinner to find their plates stacked with goods. Peanut butter chocolate hearts for all of them and new books for Kendall and Cooper and a fun flashlight for Blake. 

I love how easy to please our kids are. They were over the moon with excitement. 

And then Blake wanted nothing to do with his dinner because there was A GIANT CHOCOLATE HEART ALL FOR HIM!

Planning fail.

I didn't know Russ was going to get something for the kids too, just from him... so thoughtful. 

His personalized art work had Kendall and Cooper roaring. 

I was just concerned about their LACK OF HANDS.

I made a new recipe for dinner... Laura's Baked Spaghetti. We all approved... mmm, mmmm.

And then Russ watched G.I. Joe with Cooper before heading off to basketball practice, I sewed with Kendall, and Blake ate chocolate to his heart's content :)

I hope you all had a wonderfully sweet Valentine's day as well!
Love, Jodi

Oh Valentine


Happy Valentine's Day!

Please excuse my blogging break, it was a busy weekend full of basketball games, more basketball games, church, and the all-important nap. But the best part was Saturday night when we celebrated Valentines by going out on a special date.

Here's what we did:

1. Dinner at Stanfords. DE-LISH.

Check out the starter salads with cheesy focaccia bread, YUM.

Russ loved his rib-eye and my Thai chicken linguine was divine. I was all set to order a filet mignon when I saw the description of the pasta dish... cooked in a ginger-coconut peanut sauce. Sold.

2. Next up was rollerskating at Oaks Park. 

Folks, we hit the jackpot. It was hip-hop dance off night! HOLY. AWESOME.

(I didn't get any pictures of this because my camera was locked safely away in our locker, as Russell's childhood memories of this place included his stuff being stolen. Twice. So here are some pictures I snapped right before we left...)

Russ hadn't skated since he was a kid but picked it up again quickly and lapped me easily. As for me (who has skated once since I was a kid), I didn't fall down, so felt like it was a successful night. 

Seriously, this was sooo fun, we did the couples-only skates, got ice-cream, people watched, and of course ran into people Russ knew. Never fails. 

3. We ended the night at the movies where we watched The King's Speech. I liked it. Russ pretended to snore when the final credits rolled. 

As we were walking out I said, "didn't you like it even a little bit... especially at the end?"

Russ paused before answering, "It was dreadful". 

Don't listen to him. Obviously a guy who lists Happy Gilmore and Major Payne among his favorite movies isn't the best judge of a movie with 12 Oscar nominations.

Seeing it together had it's plus side though - we talked to each other in English accents all the way home, cracking each other up. I think I pulled it of pretty well, while Russ's cockney accent sounded like Eliza Doolittle off My Fair Lady ;)

Another successful Valentines on the books, and tonight we'll celebrate with our kids which will be really fun because I have a couple of surprises up my sleeve for them.

And for a quick laugh... here's a picture of us on Valentine's Day circa 1998.

Check out our trendy duds! 

My only memory of this day is that we went to the mall, got in an argument about who knows what, and Russ made me so mad that I walked off in a fit, flipping him the bird over my shoulder. Except I never did things like that and apparently didn't even know how to do it correctly. Russell laughed so hard that he ran and caught up to me to apologize and things were peachy after that.

Until he made fun of me for it relentlessly. Which actually he still does to this day, reenacting it and everything.

But I guess there are worse things I could be accused of than not knowing the proper form of flipping someone off so I'll let it go.

Since you're all wondering


Well it's really just my Grandma wondering, but because I was all, "hey, guess what I'm doing", earlier this year I feel the need to keep an open account here. 

Weight Watchers. 
dun dun dun dunnnnnn.

My first three weeks I lost about a pound each week. Then I went on this little thing called a "girls getaway" at the beach and gained 5 pounds. In four days. Oh yes, I know how to LIVE. IT. UP.

So I skipped weigh-in that week because I was ashamed. And this past week I only lost half of that weight gain, but decided to face the music and go back to weigh-in last night anyway. Soooo, I'm offcially up 2.4 pounds for a grand total loss since I started of... wait for it...

.6 pounds (that's point six). In 5 weeks. A-MAZing!

I came home a little down. And a little embarrassed. But then Russell watched American Idol with me and held my hand the entire hour-long episode, and went and got me a drink when I said I was sooooo thirsty, and took care of Blake when Cooper came out of his room begging for the love of mercy could we please control his monkey-attacking little brother because he was trying to go to sleep? (I paraphrase)

So I'm good now. And ready to try again, a little harder this time.

What I Wore Wednesday No. 30... the outlet mall edition


Last week I blogged about my fun shopping trip to the Lincoln City outlet mall at the Oregon Coast, where I decided to ONLY buy clearance or major sale items and ended up saving $240 bucks, so this week I had to debut some of my new stuff... which is apparently all pink and yellow. Okay not really, but my outfits are all pink and yellow - I must be ready for spring!

Wednesday: mid-week church service
new cardigan: Old Navy outlet clearance ($7.49)
skinny jeans: Lauren Conrad - Kohl's
Uggs: Christmas from hubby
new infinity scarf: American Eagle outlet clearance ($9)
earrings: Walmart

 Thursday: doctor and dentist visits
new plaid shirt: Dress Barn outlet clearance ($9.99)
jeans: Gap - Goodwill
flats: Old Navy
flower pin: made by my friend Sarah

 Friday: basketball games
new tunic: BCBG outlet (originally $118, bought for $9!)
tee: Shade
skinny jeans: Target
boots: from a friend
necklace: Fred Meyers

Saturday: more basketball games
tee: Shade
vest: Maurice's
skinny jeans: Lauren Conrad - Kohl's
boots: Walmart
belt: rummage sale

 new necklace: another gift from my friend Sarah
I love, love, LOVE it! And isn't her tag cute? We're forcing her to open an etsy shop ASAP.

 Sunday: church
new cardigan: Old Navy outlet clearance ($7.49)
new ruffle shirt: Old Navy outlet clearance $3.49)
belt: Ross
skirt: Goodwill
boots: from a friend
bracelet and earrings: Claire's

Monday: prayer group
new cardigan (same as Wed): Old Navy outlet clearance
plaid shirt: Old Navy clearance
skinny jeans: Lauren Conrad - Kohl's
boots: Costco
belt: yard sale

Tuesday: bible study, basketball games
new black shirt: Old Navy clearance ($3.89)
(you can't see it but the shirt has cute ruffles down the front)
vest: Ross
belt and Gap jeans: Goodwill
flats: Walmart
necklace and bracelet: Target

You'll be proud to know that since I've been back from the beach I've weeded through my closet ruthlessly and have a pile double the size I just bought to give away or resell.  Yay me!

Linking to The Pleated Poppy... check out Lindsey and other cute gals posting there. 
the pleated poppy blog

Monday, Monday ( la la la...)


Just another typical day yesterday...

The kids got up at 6:30 am and by 6:50 am Kendall and Cooper had both "lost the freedom" of speaking to each other. 

Peace reigned for a glorious 45 minutes and I even got my personal devotion time in, in between being pestered by Blake to "watch dis" every 5 minutes as he performed fancy tricks like opening his mouth really wide or power chopping an imaginary bad guy with his sweet super hero moves. 

After dropping the kids off at school I went to my Monday morning prayer group and then came home to do some housework. 

But I stopped at the computer to check my email first. 

And then my blog feed.

And then facebook.

And then (I admit it freely, I occasionally frequently like browsing through the daily star tracks photos and reading the headlines.)

Then it was time for lunch and Blake's afternoon nap. Okay, it was time for Mama's nap... I had a busy weekend! (Plus we stayed up late Sunday night watching The Count of Monte Cristo for the zillionth time, because it's such a classic you know.)  

2:30 pm rolled around and it was time to pick up the kids from school.

We arrived back home at the same time as Russ got home from work and the kids wrestled with their daddy while I did the dishes.

Then Russ and I decided to start getting caught up on American Idol and watched the first two hour episode. (I'm thinking I'm going to like this season, although Steven Tyler's plastic face is kinda hard to watch.)

The older kids did their homework and then got sucked into Blake's Blue's Clues episodes on Netflix, which I thought was really funny since they're almost 8 and 10. 

At 5:00 pm I decided it was time to get serious about the house and turned into Mrs. drill sergeant on a mission - everyone busted through the chores, the wonderful hubby included, while he rapped made up songs to us all and I sometimes threw in lines like "I love your DADDY when he does my stuff!" and Russ rapped back "And I love your MOMMY cause she thinks I'm buff" and then we'd bump rears and get down with our bad selves and the kids would crack up laughing.

Easy pancakes for dinner, where I made fun of Russell for the hundredth time for being messier than all 3 of the kids combined. I even took a picture for your viewing pleasure...
We like our pancakes with powdered sugar, thank you. 
Then Russ left for basketball practice and the drill sergeant went back to work, organizing the troops and delegating left and right to finish the chores. Much was accomplished (including sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and the likes) and the troops were rewarded accordingly. And then sent to bed early for getting in trouble for unrelated offenses. 

Aren't you glad you're not a kid in my house?

Actually, don't feel bad for them. They each got up at least 3 times for serious issues like a "sore mouth", a "runny nose", "can I have a friend over this weekend?", and "Blake is swinging from the bunk bed again", managing to drag out the evening indefinitely and ensure maximum vexation on my part.

Eventually Russ came home from practice and twisted my arm to watch another episode of American Idol (or he suggested it and I said "sweet!", same dif) and then we reverted to our 60 year old alter egos and climbed into bed to watch it (thanks to my Mum's borrowed laptop), with my heating pad behind my back and Russ's humidifier steaming away.

Don't be too jealous.

BUT THEN... Russ remembered the Blazers were playing and had to turn on the radio to listen to the last 3 minutes, which turned into 6 minutes, which turned into me leaving the room to switch the laundry, only to return and find him dead asleep. 

Today we plan on cleaning our dentures and rocking on the front porch.

So that was Monday, just another successful day in the life!

Monday confessional - the blue glove


I'm sorry, it's another old picture of me. Say hello to my former, 17 year old, softball-playing self. 

(Why am I in the basketball gym you ask? That is a good question, and I have no explanation.)

When I joined the softball team it was really for the fun and social aspect of the sport, not because I was in any way athletically gifted or experienced (quite the opposite actually). To put it bluntly: I was clueless and without an ounce of natural talent. But as I went to a small school and the team needed numbers to play, I joined up with my best friend and ventured into the world of high school fast-pitch softball with enthusiasm.

The first step was to get me the proper gear, so my parents took me to a sports store to pick out a glove. In a very unfortunate turn of events that day, there was one glove in particular that was on a special sale, $20 cheaper than the other gloves, and it was bright blue. And of course my very frugal parents forced me to get it, instead of the black one that I wanted, and in my teenage opinion, RUINED MY LIFE. 

All I saw ahead of me was laughter and ridicule for not having a brown or black glove like all the other players, and I'm pretty sure I wanted to quit the team right then and there. 

There was much coercing and reassuring however, and I braved the first practice with my bright blue glove and found that I was the only one that really cared after all (those darn parents that are always right!).

I was still embarrassed about it though... enough so that when it was announced at school one day that the girls softball team would be practicing at an away field with the boys baseball team that afternoon I felt the need to get out of practice pronto. I didn't want boys to see my glove!

So I lied. I made up a story about it being "my time of the month" and having terrible cramps and not being able to barely walk, and I skipped practice. Because of my blue glove.

I am a dork. Little did I know that we would be traveling with the boys to away games quite often and not only would they see my glove but also my inability to catch a ball in the outfield or slide into base.

Turns out I had bigger problems to be embarrassed of than the color of my mitt.

Weekend report


This picture is hanging on our fridge right now, drawn by Cooper, for his older sister Kendall. 

"I like my sister because she never gives up and always is nice! & will play with every one no matter wat! and always plays fair"

Before you get all "awww, how sweet", you should know that Cooper was MADE to draw this picture to illustrate something he liked about Kendall, by me, his mother, after I found another story he wrote about a robot that he invented to kick his sister's butt and smack her face. It was illustrated. Classy.

I then had him give the new story and drawing to his sister, who loved it so much that she put it on the fridge herself and spelled out the magnet words above and below to hold it in place.

Note to self: don't tell daughter the background story to this drawing, obviously she was quite tickled by it.

In other news, I was alerted to the fact that my kids may have been listening to the song "Dynamite" a little too much when my daughter started singing "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes" and my almost 3 year old piped in, "singing aye-o, singing aye-o".

2nd note to self: give a refresher course on innocent & sweet nursery rhymes.  

Finally, guess what is back in the stores again?

That's right, my favorite seasonal treat. AND THE HEAVENS REJOICE!

Well I rejoice, I've had 3!