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What I Wore Wednesday


I was a little bit lazy with the outfits this past week, putting the same clothes back on the next day (twice), with a couple of changes. 

My motto is, who cares if no one else notices right? 

(At least, until you point it out like I'm doing now...)

Example One: Last Wednesday & Thursday

Same jeans and boots, just changed turtlenecks and scarves. 

Thrifted Mossimo jeans, Target wedge booties. 
Shade Clothing gray turtleneck, SarieJune plaid infinity scarf.
Thrifted striped turtleneck, Burlington's floral scarf.

Example Two: Monday & Tuesday

Same cardigan and leggings, just changed dresses, boots, and accessories. 

Old Navy cardy (yard sale), Walmart leggings.
Charlotte Russe denim shirtdress, same plaid scarf as above, Walmart boots, thrifted belt.
Thrifted brown tunic, Costco sheepskin boots, Saturday Market scarf, craft bazaar hat.

I love it when I find a basic outfit that works on me and has countless remixing options (or limited, depending on how many turtlenecks you own.)

Sunday... church and Christmas card photoshoot. 

Target cardy, thrifted blouse, Target jeans, Walmart boots, Premier Designs bracelet.

And so you can see how coordinated but NON-matching we were...
(not the card picture but a close second!)

I was pretty happy with what I came up with for the family to wear, seeing as that I only took 10 minutes to shop our closets and hadn't put a second of thought into it beforehand. (Air high-five to self!) 

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Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I love all the scarves you have going. I have so many, but never get them out to wear them.

  2. Lovely family! Super cute looks too!

  3. Love, love the family photo! You have such a beautiful family. :) And I really love the purple cardigan!

  4. I'm pretty new to your blog, but it's quickly becoming one of my favorites. I love your WIWW posts (which is how I found you). You are very funny and make me laugh out loud!

    Christmas card pic turned out great - good for you for putting that together so quickly!

    Happy Wednesday to you.

  5. Um... I am all about re-wearing clothes like no one's business. Not only do people not really notice, but when you're the one doing the laundry, it teaches you what the true definitions of clean and dirty are! :)

    Great family picture! The outfits work so well together!

  6. So cute!!
    And who cares if you re wore similar outfits... I do that ALL the time!!
    LOVE your family picture, you guys are all so snazzy looking.

  7. I am loving all your scarfs its such a good way to dress up an outfit!
    I also wanted to share that I am doing a giveaway
    over on my blog , hope you join in =)

  8. I love all your cute scarves! I need to wear mine more.

    And your Christmas pic is absolutely adorable! I love it! :)

  9. You have great, versatile style. Just love it.

    Your family photo is a real gem. Gorgeous bunch indeed!

  10. I love your Christmas card pic! I think it is great that you used purple, it's my favorite color! And I love your remixes! Some days I actually put on the same outfit if I know I won't see the same people. I mean, why not? :)

  11. Your family is adorable! And I love all the scarfs you incorporate! Great site too!

  12. Love all teh outfits..but the family fave...had to save it :D

  13. I'm all for rewearing (is that a word???) an outfit, *especially* if it's jeans or leggings, lol!

    Love the family picture, you and your hubby and your mini-me's all look adorable!

  14. I'm so glad someone else a: recycles almost the exact same outfit the next day b: wears scarves almost daily c: has been wearing a turtleneck a lot in this crazy cold Oregon weather! You are so cute!

  15. Shut the front door... I love that plaid infinity scarf... super cute!

    You always looks so put together ... and I love , LOVE your family picture!


  16. wow! you are the cutest thing! loved all the outfits and how nonmatchy you were but coordinated! cute!

  17. Girls! Thank you for all the comments today! Love them all! I shall never be ashamed to rewear an outfit a 2nd day again :) And Sam, I looove me a cute turtleneck and I'm not afraid to say it! haha

  18. Cute outfits as always. I do the same thing because you wear clothes down washing them wears them out quicker. Your family is adorable and such a cute family pic.

  19. Sweet Jodi... When I rewear an outfit, it's literally same jeans, same boots, same sweater but switch the scarf. (usually because all of those items are still on the chair in my bedroom and easy to grab as I'm running out the door!)