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What I Wore Wednesday & New shoes


On my way into town to go grocery shopping last Thursday I stopped at the Goodwill to find Russ and I ugly sweaters for a Christmas party we attended on Saturday night. Two hours later I emerged with the sweaters, along with two pairs of jeans, two dresses, and two tops. Oopsies!

Next stop Target. Sometimes I like to grocery shop there now that they are a full-fledged "superstore", mostly because it gives me an excuse to look at all the fun stuff. (And don't forget there's a Starbucks inside). Somewhere along the line these shoes mysteriously found their way into my cart. Which is such a coincidence since one of the pairs of jeans I bought at the Goodwill are really long flares and will go perfectly with them!

The best part: I got them for $10.00. Not because they were on sale, but because I had a $10 gift card from my Black Friday shopping adventure, a coupon for $5.00 off a purchase of $50.00 or more, and I used my Target debit card which gives me 5% off my entire purchase. Not too shabby.

Now here are my outfits from this past week:

Left: Ross vest, Shade tee, Old Navy tunic, Walmart leggings, Nordstrom Cardy Uggs, handmade hat.
Right: Costco sweater, Dress Barn shirt, Target jeans, Walmart boots.

Left: Ross shirt, Maurice's vest,  newTarget jeans (via Goodwill - new with tags), Target wedge booties.
Right: Old Navy cardy (via yard sale), F21 tee (via Goodwill) Saturday market scarf, Target jeans, Walmart boots.

Left: Target dress (via Goodwill), Old Navy cardy, thrifted belt, Walmart boots.
Right: Ross shirt, Walmart bomber jacket, Kmart scarf, Target jeans, Costco boots.

I think it's safe to say that I'm possibly the cheapest shopper ever. It's really the safest option I have though, seeing as that I like to shop so often ;)

And I know you all want to know exactly what kind of ugly sweaters I was able to find for our party... so here you go.
Embracing the ugliness :)

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  1. You always look so cute! Love the booties. My son bought himself an ugly sweater and I was laughing because it was very 80's looking, lol!

  2. Love the cute shoes you scored, and all your cute outfits :)

    Come check out my Shabby Apple dress giveaway! Perfect for all those holiday parties.

  3. Cute shoes! I love the black Target dress with the cream cardigan. LOL at the ugly sweaters - you definitely did good! :)

  4. Nice score on the booties...perfect for those longer jeans, and my fav is #3...that striped shirt looks awesome on you!

  5. those boots that found their way into your cart are cute, wish some like that would follow me home. Love the sweaters by the way, not ugly at all (kidding)

  6. Love the new shoes- I may have to go visit Target in search of those!

    And ugly Christmas sweaters are one of my favorite things during the holidays!

  7. Your target/goodwill dress made my jaw drop. Fab look for you!

  8. Im getting boot wedges like that for Christmas and I can't wait! I love that yours are all suede and that you got such a great deal!

  9. oh love all your vests they're super cool I'd love you to add this to my what we wore and made party over at

  10. All the outdoor scene...looks very cold.
    My fav ... the stripped shirt..think I told you that at least 4 times the day you wore it ;D

  11. I love your new shoes! I've been wanting to get a pair like that. : )

  12. I LOVE the outfit with the new booties! Tooo cute! You are adorable. I also love that Target dress.... seriously thrift stores are sooo great!
    Love it!

  13. You are an awesome shopper! :) I'm not sure if the sweaters are ugly enough, though. I actually kind of like your husband's... it reminds me of the winter olympics! :) On second thought, I guess they are kinda ugly... but in a cute way. :)