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Monday joy (10 things)


- It's my absolute most favorite time of the year. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

- It's the kid's last week of school for the year, hurrah!

- The new Sherlock Holmes movie comes out this Friday and I have a hot date to go see it with.

- It's holiday baking season and my daughter loves making treats as much as I do. So fun to work with her in the kitchen.

- So fun to have a kitchen slave ;) 

- The fact that even though we don't have a tree yet, I'm not stressing about it. We live in the Christmas tree mecca of the universe... I can go grab one from 10 different locations within two miles of us if we don't get a chance to go pick one together this week. (And let's be honest, it's me that does the picking anyway, being  the huge tree snob that I am.)

- The huge stack of books borrowed from a friend this weekend, just waiting to be dove dived dove into over the holidays. (I'm still not sure.)

- My kitchen cabinet doors filling up with Christmas photo cards from friends and loved ones. I like to tape them on and leave them till Valentines :)

- Speaking of Christmas cards, I didn't have a good family picture for ours this year, so yesterday I enticed my sister over with the offer of a roast for lunch, borrowed my sister-in-law's DSLR camera, dressed my family to coordinate with my church outfit (I liked it and didn't want to change ;), told Kelly exactly what I wanted during a quick 10-minute photo session outdoors, edited my favorite in Photoshop, uploaded it to Costco, and am picking our cards up tomorrow at noon. Bam! Done.

- And I'm still laughing over this outtake:
(Russ lost balance trying to crouch, and pushed me and the kids over while saving himself. Very chivalrous.)


  1. Love that picture. And I like learning new things about you!! very cute outfit by the way!

  2. Cute Christmas picture! I love the sweater you are wearing!! Sounds like you have got some fun things lined up to do over Christmas break! Lots more fun than moving! =) BUT we are almost there! We will be there this wkend! Love reading your fun blog keep it up!

  3. ha ha! and Kelly caught it on camera. Way to go Kelly. What a great shot! HOpe the Christmas one was as good!

  4. So very glad I caught this moment on camera... it was hilarious! And the winning photo - STUNNING! But any picture with Jodalamode in it, usually is!!!! Love ya sis!

  5. Sounds like lots to be joyful over. That picture is pure fun... I would frame it next to the one you picked for you card. Merry Christmas!!

  6. Ha! Love your outtake! :) I wish I could double date with you for Sherlock Holmes! We were watching the first one last night to remember the story! :)

  7. Hugs from your watching you with your family

  8. awesome ! ( nice capture Kel.)