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Monday confessional


While shopping with Jana on Friday (fun, fun day... pictures tomorrow), I tried on a really cute belted striped sweater. I didn't end up purchasing it though, because after Jana questioned whether I needed one more striped clothing item in my wardrobe, it got me thinking... how many striped tops and sweaters DO I own?

Well here's the answer:
THIS many.

I may have a thing for stripes.


  1. Wow, can I borrow one or two? :) I keep seeing stripes everywhere but only have one stripped tank in my closet. Someday I'll get a couple!

  2. I love stripes too! I just asked for like 3 or 4 striped shirts for Christmas... ;)

  3. Hey, if any of your striped shirts need a new home, but closet would be happy to welcome them!! Hehe. :)

  4. Hahaha...I totally have a thing for stripes too. Love them!!

  5. i think that's more shirts just in stripes than i have in my whole closet! Holy cow, woman! you got yourself a lot of clothes!:)