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Monday Confessional #2


(Confession #1 here)

Saturday's memory lapse of shame seemed to get the ball rolling because by Sunday I was a walking, breathing, disaster waiting to happen.

It started out with fun evening plans: attending Portland's Singing Christmas Tree with my sister and her husband Dave, and our friends T.J. and Jana. There was extra excitement involved because our good friend Sairaina was singing in the tree and we couldn't wait to see her perform.

(My husband was not invited because Russ and musicals don't mix well, and even though he loves Sairaina as much as the rest of us, he would rather shoot himself in the foot then spend two hours straight listening to Christmas songs performed live with dancing ballerinas swirling around.)

 So off I went on my own to meet up with Dave and Kelly, happy to have saved money on a sitter and looking forward to an evening out and being able to capture it with pictures for my blog. Which would have worked if I'd remembered my camera. Fail #1

Never mind, I could take pics with my phone, I thought. Even though they wouldn't be nearly as good. Except it turned out I forgot my phone too, which I realized when I arrived at my sister's. Fail #2

That was a bummer, but I wasn't going to let it ruin my evening, I'd just have to steal Kelly's pics. So off we went, driving up to Oregon City to meet T.J. and Jana. We didn't get very far though before I realized with a sinking spirit that I'd carried my purse inside my sister's house and left it there. Fail #3

Me: "Um... guys? It's a good thing you have the tickets because I just left my purse at your house." 
Kelly: "The tickets!! They're in my other purse at home!"

Sometimes it's just not safe for us to be together. Dave gritted his teeth and turned around without saying a word, which wasn't necessary anyway since we both knew he was ready to banish us from the car. 

"I'll buy you a coffee on the way, Dave!", I offered, feeling like such an airhead after forgetting so many things in a row. Kelly ran back inside to grab the tickets and my purse when we pulled back up to their house and only mildly delayed us further when she came back out with not mine, but the babysitter's purse, with the babysitter in hot pursuit behind her. Regular old Laurel & Hardy, we are. 

Unfortunately my kind coffee offer was not to be. Because when we finally arrived at Starbucks and I went to pay for our order I discovered that, for the second time this year, my wallet was not in my purse. Fail #4.

I was actually so embarrassed that I whispered my confession to the barrister, not wanting to forever plummet myself in Dave's eyes. Then I tried to call my sister over to me discreetly but the kind soul behind the counter insisted on giving me the coffee for free instead. 

Dear Starbucks, 
You are awesome.
Me... not so much. 
Thankfully yours,

I did confess my lack of funds to Dave and Kelly after that and by the time we pulled up to meet T.J. and Jana we were almost crying from laughing so hard. Which is when Dave knocked his full coffee cup off the top of the car while switching vehicles and dumped it all down the side of his door, splashing his leg. 

And then we just DIED. Even non-self-embarrassers like Dave flub up every now and then! (This did amazing things for my bruised ego.)

I'm pleased to say that after that the evening was catastrophe free. (Except for the small issue of getting in trouble from an usher for taking a picture in the auditorium. No biggie.)

Sisters at large - ready to cause chaos wherever we go. 
Finding Sairaina after the performance.
Me, Kelly, Sairaina, Dave, Jana, and T.J. 
 I LOVED the Singing Christmas Tree, it was totally worth the trauma to get there :)   


  1. Love it! You are to cute! We have to atleast turn around once everytime we leave to make sure I unplugged the iron and my curling iron! You looked absolutely adorable love love the dress!! OH! You mentioned a while a go about a new pair of boots did you find any? I just ordered a pair of Target LOVE THEM!! They have black and the cognac color!

  2. Jodi that was sooo funny..especially Kelly coming out of the house with the baby sitters purse , had to laugh out loud at that ..I really don't know if I could top your evening.

  3. Glad to entertain you, Mum :) Jenny I didn't find another pair of boots yet... but I forget that Target has more online than in the store... hmmmmm, maybe I better go check!

  4. Ya! That was hilarious! I'm glad that you can laugh about it! So much better than wasting the energy on being annoyed!! Thanks for sharing your trauma!! :)

  5. So I'm reading your blog while giving a final exam. How embarrassing for ME when I literally laughed outloud about Dave spilling his coffee! I was only smiling and mildly giggling til that point. oh my.. only a few students looked up at me. :D