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Monday confessional #1


It's going to be a double confession day... I was a busy girl this weekend, embarrassing myself all over the place!

First off, Saturday was the Christmas bazaar that Jana and I signed up to be vendors in, and it was so, sooo fun! Jana made the crafts and some treats, I made the rest of the goodies, and we had a great crowd all day, selling most of our items.  
Our table set up the night before, just needing the rest of the baked goodies we'd bring in the morning.
My Swiss caramel - a NZ recipe and utterly delicious.

Ready to sell some goods!
It was while I was at the bazaar that something incredibly mortifying happened. And of course there's a back story...

On the last weekend of October, while Russ and I were door greeters at church, we met a newer attendee named Linda. She visited with us out front for a while and after jokingly warning her that I was terrible with names and asking her not to be offended if I'd forgotten hers by the following week, she laughed and said she was the same way, which led to us spending the rest of the morning repeating each others names out loud every time we ran into each other, and then laughing. (I can be quite the dork in my quest to make a new friend.)

The next Sunday she called me Jodi. I called her Cindy. So close!

The Sunday after that I got it right. Linda. Well done, me!

But apparently after that I didn't see lovely Linda for a while because when she stopped in at the bazaar on Saturday and I saw her, this was the following awkward conversation:

Me (staring at her for a moment in consternation): You look really familiar to me for some reason... do I know you from somewhere?
Her: Hi, JODI.
Me (grasping at straws in embarrassment): Cindy!
Her: It's Linda.

WOW. I guess I have more problems to worry about than just forgetting peoples names. I ALSO MISPLACE ANY RECOGNITION OF THEM ALTOGETHER.

Poor Linda acted very gracious when I stuttered out my apologies but I can only imagine what she was thinking. 

Dear Linda, 
Please forgive me for being an idiot.
I can assure you that I've got your name down pat now.
Love, Jodi

(I'll be back later today for confession #2. )


  1. =)I am terrible at names and sometimes faces! Looks like your Christmas Bazaar was a lot of fun! Cant wait to hear the next one =)

  2. Oh Jodi...still laughing about this!

  3. I laughed out loud while reading this. It may have helped that I already heard you tell the story to me verbally. Hahahahahah. Me, I just go on for months without saying the persons name. After I've been best friends with the person for a couple of years I finally feel confident enough to use their name. Hehehehehe

  4. A lot of times I have to completely embarrass myself to get things right too. :)

  5. I almost choked on my tea laughing..but mostly because I have done that sort of thing multiple times myself - the most embarassing time was correcting your father from the pulpit thinking he got someone's name wrong..yep..the cone of shame for me !!.. should make you feel heaps better :D

  6. Ha! I forget people's names, too! I've also met people several times over and they don't remember ever meeting me... I'm starting to wonder if it has to do with the name Linda. Hmmm.. :)