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Late night What I Wore Wednesday


Well I guess I couldn't stay away. Some habits die hard I suppose.

So here are the past week's outfits, including last Monday which I forgot to put in last week's WIWW post, but excluding my Christmas day outfit, which I can't believe I didn't take a picture of! (Actually I can, that was the last thing on my mind that day.)

Last Monday
basketball game
Target sweater and jeans, Shade tee, Costco boots

mid-week church service
Old Navy cardy (yard sale), Forever 21 top (thrifted), Target jeans and boots, Saturday market scarf
another basketball game... my life right now 
Costco sweater and boots, Old Navy tee, Target jeans, Romy necklace
Christmas Eve service
Target dress (thrifted), Old Navy cardy, Target necklace, Nine West heels (yard sale)

Yep, I'm wearing a white dress on Christmas day. However, it's a slightly creamy white, which I'm referring to as "winter white" to make me feel more secure about my decision. 

running errands
Ross top, Target cardy, jeans (thrifted), and booties.
That's right, the tree stays till New Year's.

And a little Blake action...
(Those were his exact words. Thanks for the tip, bud!)

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  1. i was admiring your *winter white* dress jin the family photo from an earlier post you look great!

  2. Love your Wednesday look...I need to try tying my scarves like that! And your Christmas dress is beautiful! Winter white is perfect for Christmas. :)

  3. Be totally secure with your Christmas Eve look - it is stunning! Absolutely love green and white. It's festive and stylish.

  4. You look darling as always and I love the winter white dress. So pretty. I definitely think you need to "pose like this," lol!

  5. You always look great! You are my inspiration! I am going shopping tomorrow and I had to come back to your WIWW posts to check you out to get some ideas! :)