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I made something from Pinterest


And I feel like I should get some kind of award or something, because Pinterest is fun to look at and all, but who actually goes out and recreates all that awesome and amazing stuff?!

Oh, lots of people? 

Well, I've officially joined the club then! Or I should say, Kendall and I joined the club, because this was a joint effort for her class party today. 


And ours:

(Those are supposed to be bows on their heads - for all the girls in Kendall's class)

So fun to make... I barely contained myself from completely taking over and making Kendall watch :) 


  1. These are so cute! Points for actually attempting something you pinned! lol
    Thanks for stoppin by my blog! :)
    Kaleigh xx

  2. I bet they were a BIG hit at school. :D they look awesome.

  3. those are too cute!!! I've made one recipe that I found via pinterest and am hoping to do more (and crafts too)!!! good job!!

  4. I pinned these, too!! Yours came out so great!! :)