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Friday nothingness


I love me a good day of nothingness. Not all the time, but as a break from the busyness, and sometimes craziness of life.

Of course, nothingness for me still includes rotating the laundry, doing the dishes, hauling firewood (alright that's a lie, I make my kids do that), keeping the fire stocked, and preparing a meal for dinner, but other than that, nothing's going on at all!

Except watching a friend's kid after school today, taking Kendall to basketball practice, and then going to my husband's basketball game this evening. Which I'll have to shower and get ready for at some point.

Okay so maybe it's not a complete day of nothingness... but it's been a nice morning of it at least.

With my little buddy Blake, who has watched the same movie two times in a row now while I sit next to him on the couch catching up on shows on the laptop. In our jammies.

Have a great weekend, my friends, and take some time this busy Christmas season to relax and enjoy your family :)


  1. What a precious time! I miss snuggling with my little boys. Now they're big boys.

    I forgot you have a puppy so, oh yeah, you totally get what I meant, lol!

  2. Nothing like a morning in your pj's! Not that I have a clue what that is like!